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  1. mark abbott

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    1572596 Sgt K Fowler 77th Assault Squadron RE.

    According to the family, the flag/banner was taken as a sovenier in Goch/Reichswald area and then embroidered by Ken in between battles!

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  2. mark abbott

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    Sgt Fowler's medals, minatures and various badges including his 79th Armoured Division ones.
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  3. mark abbott

    mark abbott Junior Member

    upload_2021-5-25_9-40-20.png A close up of the flag/banner.
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  4. Wobbler

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    I have now had grandad’s medals mounted by a wonderful chap over on the BMF, and also purchased a case to keep them in. I will never wear them but, as I mentioned before, I do have a miniature group (picture 4) for wearing on my right breast on Remembrance Sunday (as Steve, bamboo43, once wisely put it, a compromise). The Dunkirk is not mounted, I simply added it to the case for “completion”.

    95CD63DD-24DB-4C35-AE33-C04449D5368D.jpeg 64DDA679-BCD6-42CB-8910-BDC82E68C057.jpeg 058F9E85-8FAC-48A3-B557-83D44C8BF26F.jpeg BD28EC1E-4EA7-4446-8282-840B290104E9.jpeg
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  5. James Harvey

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    Trev did an excellent job.


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  6. Wobbler

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    LOL, yes he did, James, great bloke and a very pleasant experience.
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  7. James Harvey

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    Where did you get the case from?
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  8. Wobbler

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    Worcester Medals:

    Worcestershire Medal Service Limited

    Had to add their NAMCAS3 for the badge and also NAMCAS2 for grandad’s details.

    I got the smaller version for my brother for Christmas, as he also has a miniature group, liked what they did very much and thought it would be just the ticket for the original group.
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  9. Tolbooth

    Tolbooth Patron Patron

    Trooper Fredrick Walter Bagley,
    1 Troop, B Squadron, 1st Lothians and Border Yeomanry, 1939-1945
    8th King's Royal Irish Hussars, 1950-51


    The photo doesn't do it justice to be honest. Looks great on the wall.
    Alas only the Lothians shoulder title is his - the rest I've collected over past few years.
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  10. James Harvey

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    Very nice group
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