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  1. Tom Canning

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    If your grandpa was wounded in losing his eye - he is then entitled to a wound stripe which is a gold stripe of 2" x 1/8th " worn down by the left cuff

  2. Hugh MacLean

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    A photo of the medals I researched for my family after the death of my father. He never saw or mentioned his medals, was only happy to have survived but we, his family, cherish them. I had them framed and they now hang proudly on my mother's living room wall. I have removed the frame and glass as the photo flash spoilt the picture.

    Malcolm (Calum) MacLean, Merchant Navy.


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  3. bamboo43

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    Chindits with an African Star Medal

    The 70th Infantry Division (United Kingdom) was formed in the Middle East and was used to help relieve the Australian 9th Division at Tobruk (Operation Crusader) in November and December 1941.

    After moving to India, the division was broken up and absorbed into Wingate's training regime for the Chindit Operation of 1944. Operation Thursday.

    This is why men from regimental battalions such as:

    1st Essex
    1st Beds and Herts.
    2nd Yorks and Lancs.
    2nd Black Watch
    2nd Leicesters.
    4th Borders

    Have both the Africa and Burma Stars within their entitlement. Please see the well worn example of such a group below.

    70 Div..jpg
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  4. Recce_Mitch

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    My Fathers Medals. T H Mitchell, pre-war soldier , Dunkirk Veteran (2nd Grenadiers), North African & Italian Veteran (Recce).

    Awards Issued

    1939-45 Star
    Africa Star with 1st Army Clasp
    Italy Star
    War Medal 1939-45
    Defence Medal
    Dunkirk Medal
    King Albert F.N.V.R.A. - K.V.V.K.A..Veterans' Medal
    Cross of Europe Medal
    King Albert FRVRA Veterans 25th Anniversary Medal 1948-1973
    The King's Loyal Service Badge

    Unfortunately I do not have the Numeral 1 which was issued.

    My father had permission to wear the foreign medals below the British medals. See parade 3 which is of Dad as Standard Bearer for the Dunkirk Veterans Association of WA.

    Dads Medals 1.jpg Dads Medals 2.jpg Awards 2.jpg Parade 3.jpg

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  5. von Poop

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    Grandad's rack.
    Joined 1924 as a boy at 14/15, left as a Lt. Colonel

    Prewar Egypt/India
    War Emergency commission 1941

    Defence Medal
    War Medal 39-45
    GSM - Palestine Bar - MiD
    Coronation Medal

  6. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    My grandad was in the RA, serving on various ships as a DEMS gunner.

    Enlisted in the Loyal Regiment TA at Chorley 16/04/1935
    RA 437/62 SL 31/10/1938
    Posted 2nd Maritime AA Bty 30/10/1941

    Atlantic Convoys
    Iceland resupplying RU/UR convoys & Icelandic bases
    Mediterranean Convoys (incl Operation Dragoon)

    Posted 1st Maritime Regiment 06/01/1945
    Transferred South Staffordshire Regiment 14/03/1946
    Released Reserve 21/03/1946
    Discharged from Reserve Liability 30/06/1959

    Awards issued

    1939/45 Star
    Atlantic Star
    Burma Star
    Italy Star
    War Medal 1939/45
    Efficiency Medal (Territorial)

    In the process of organising a new display cabinet, so they're currently stored in a box for safe-keeping.
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  7. Tom Canning

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    Not only the troops from 70th Div transfer to Burma thus allowing them to wear the Africa and Burma Stars but 6th RTR also went to Burma after Africa - and on the way back they also served

    in Italy thus entitled to wear the Africa - Burma and Italy Stars….not a bad chest full...

  8. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Thanks Tom,

    Yes you're right, not a bad chestful. I was really only posting groups which I have at home, I was leaving other potential entitlement combinations for other forum members to post.


  9. Ron Goldstein

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    On looking at some of the very professional looking medal frames that various members have set up, I thought it might of help if I posted (on this thread) a few helpful postings on both mounting medals and displaying them in frames or cabinets.
    There are plenty of these articles about on the forum.

    Here are just a few:

    Court Mounted Medals
    Court Mounted Medals (And Medal related 'show & tell').

    Making frames for Medals
    medal frame/cabinets

    Medal mounting plaques
    Medal Mounting Plaques

  10. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Hi All,

    I thought I'd add a couple of Indian Army medal entitlements to the thread.

    The first one is really only for show. It belongs to a member of the Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. He served in North Africa, Italy and then Northern Europe, a very rare combination of Stars for Land based forces to Indian service personnel.

    The second is a fairly common entitlement to the 2nd Gurkha Regiment for service in the Burma theatre during WW2.

    The mounted group also includes the India Service Medal (fourth from left), which effectively replaced the Defence Medal within the Indian Forces. Also shown (second right), but with the wrong ribbon is the Indian Independence Medal. This medal was issued in 1949 as a commemorative award to British Military personnel after independence in August 1947.

    The soldier to which the group belongs mixed up his GSM Malaya Clasp and his Indian Independence Medal which have each others ribbon attached.

    Links explaining the two Indian awards for WW2:



    And the medal groups:


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  11. DaveB

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    In a previous thread I added a photo of a medal entitlement for Captain Pavitt that I got made up and presented to him, below is a shot of the result.

    Note that besides the spelling typo in the text on the plaque (my fault) there are apparently a couple of minor anomalies with the actual medals due to problems with sourcing obscure (by Aussie standards) NZ & British medals.

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  12. Theobob

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    My Dads medals:
    Granger Brownell Martin
    Joined Sept 39
    RCA..... 6th Sydney Heavy Batt
    Then transfered to 23rd Field Artillery RCA
    1944 volunteered for Para training as Airborne Gunner
    Then attached to British 6th Airborne in 2nd Forward Observer Unit
    Saw action in the Ardennes and Operation Varsity
    Re-enlisted post WW2 in RC Signals (was awarded the Coronation medal)

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  13. bamboo43

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    South African WW2 Entitlement to a serviceman from the IMC

    This is an example of a group awarded to a soldier from the Indian and Malay Corps, which formed part of the Cape Corps of the South African Army.

    Petrus Frans was a 'coloured' Other Rank and served in the North Africa/Middle East theatres during the war. He had a somewhat checkered service history, including two spells in jail for being AWOL. He also lost his full Army kit during his first week in training, for which he was fined.

    His medal entitlement includes the Africa Star, with the North Africa 1942-43 clasp and the Africa Service Medal. Images below show his full entitlement and a close up of the standard naming style on his Africa Star.


    SA WW2 Group copy.JPG

    SA Africa naming copy.JPG
  14. SAS grandson

    SAS grandson Member

    I've just finished this arrangement the other day.
    These are my grampas medals. Only the medals and photos are actually personal possessions. I purchased the Cameron's and steel sas pin on eBay. The cloth sas and parachute wings came from the regiment directly.

    39/45 star
    Africa star
    39/45 war medal.

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  15. James Harvey

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    IMG_0766.JPG Grandfather ww2 RN service in boom defence with 3945 star Burmaand f&g star and war medal with defence medal issued last year still in box

    Grandmother ww2 WAAF service defence and war medal
  16. James Harvey

    James Harvey Senior Member

    IMG_0784.JPG My grandfathers group with the defence medal mounted.
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  17. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Thanks for sharing, can you add anything about his service history?
  18. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Yes, it would be interesting to learn about his time during WW2.
  19. James Harvey

    James Harvey Senior Member

    Hi All,

    My grandfather served in Boom Defence.

    Joined up 30 November 1940, port division Rosyth (Rooke) Official number R/JX 230549.


    HMS Pembroke 30/11/40-9/12/05 as OD.
    HMS Wildfire (B.D.) 10/12/40-7/3/41
    HMS Rooke 8/3/41-2/9/41
    HMS Lanka (Port T) 3/9/41-30/11/41
    HMS Lanka (Port T) 1/12/41-25/1/42 as AB
    HMS Haitan (Barmill) 26/1/42-31/3/42
    HMS Lanka (Barmill) 1/4/42-30/9/42
    HMS Lanka 1/10/42-14/1/43
    HMS Lanka (Barmill)15/1/43-30/6/43
    HMS Highflyer (Barmill)1/7/43-21/4/44
    HMS Lanka 22/4/44-22/4/44
    HMS Kirriemoor 23/4/44-19/9/44
    HMS Rooke 20/9/44-17/11/44
    HMS Wildfire (Thames B.D.) 18/11/44-24/1/46.

    Qualified for 39-45 star and Burma star on hms barmill a bar class boom defence vessel, qualified for France and Germany star on hms kirriemoor as went to seine bay in July 44

    I applied for his defence medal as spent 7 months in Ceylon and port T and then 12 months in uk, the mod agreed that he had qualified after I provided proof that Ceylon qualified under the 6 months rule. So had more than 6 months qualifying time under that rule and 1/3 under uk 3 yr rule, have applied for Atlantic clasp as spent 6 months in Atlantic whilst qualifying for 39-45 star and then another 5 months on kirriemoor in the Atlantic. It depends on whether they feel inclined to issue as his original medal card is marked Atlantic?


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  20. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    I had the frame containing my Dad's medals changed, as it was looking a little bit faded after 40 years.

    Before. (It might look fine when you stand in front of them.)

    After and delighted with the result.

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