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  1. Hi all I’ve recently received a pho from a close friend who’s grandma has passed away now he has a photo of a young gentleman who is believed to be a family member from the time of world war 2 as I believe the uniform to be from this period but what I’m struggling with is the insignia as I can’t find a example from any ww2 insignia list I’m new to this forum page is it possible to post a picture for reference or any one to contact me and I can send it as I would really like to help my friend find what outfit his relative served with thank you
  2. Hi sorry for the last post I saw soon as I posted that I could upload a file here is the picture hope you can help thank you
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    royal pioneer corps.JPG

    Royal Pioneers Corps is a possibility.

  4. Wow wasn’t expecting a reply so soon thanks Scott you have made my week and and my friends year looking at the pic you put up ther looks a spot for it I’m a bit of a noob at researching this sort of stuff and could not find do you know any more info on the royal pioneers which would be much appreciated Scott thank you my friend
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    I’d say the photo post dates WW2 period.

    Everybody’s friend Wikipedia says “Royal” Pioneer Corps prefix was granted in November 1946.

    Royal Pioneer Corps - Wikipedia

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    Battledress with collar & tie plus royal blue beret is postwar.
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    Initially the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps before changing in 1940 to the Pioneer Corps.



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