WW2 Hospital Records

Discussion in 'General' started by OurDearDad, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Same here Tony,
    We know many soldiers were treated in the uk civilian hostpitals by presumably civilian medical staff for their wounds/ailments suffered during WW2.
    Question is, after their release were these notes/records passed onto the MOD, or kept by the hospital ? if they were kept by the hospital then I would assume they were destroyed by now.

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    Pure speculation but, because the NHS didn't exist during WW2, there were possibly no records for the 'MOD' to connect to - or, in other words, did the NHS inherit files from the existing hospitals etc or did they start afresh? In any case, my understanding is that the MOD will not release medical records of the type being discussed even if they have them; this is because of patient confidentiality and, let's face it, some aspects could be 'significant' in family lore.
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    Good question! My mum was a civilian nurse in a civilian hospital (Holbeach Emergency Hospital) but treating military personnel - Allied and Axis (I bet that could be interesting) - as well as civilians and also having a Maternity Unit. I'll ask her even though I doubt she will either know or remember; nothing ventured...

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