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    Hadn't seen that before, very interesting. Thanks for posting it.
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    Thanks for giving the link to this site which I don't recall seeing before.

    The Blog format is very familiar to me, see:

    Ron Goldstein's Actual Army Album

    so I am naturally interested in viewing and actually posting comment on the site.

    Will let you know how I get on :)

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    These sites can be very helpful and be of assistance in highlighting the chronological progress of the war.

    However I have just noticed the item on the St Nazaire raid where it states 20 French civilians were murdered in retaliation for the raid.I do not think this was the case but accept as all engagement where civilians are present,the civilians pay the price of being in "the middle" so to speak.There is abundant evidence that in the ensuing chaos when the German defenders in attempting to repel the raid, exercised no discrimination and opened up on their own defenders,raiders and French civilians alike.This reached a height when the defenders searching for British personnel in the dock housing areas were inclined to shot at anyone on sight.

    Off the cuff,I can't put a figure on the civilian casualties of the raid.I am aware that there were a number.Perhaps there might be a official French town report of the losses.

    Seb might have some information on official French reports.

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