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    Just thinking aloud, but what if Mr Francis had suffered a stomach wound in WW1 that subsequently claimed his life? Born in 1897, he'd have been of military age from 1915? Plenty of time to have suffered from "enemy action" .....
    In the family, that could have been felt as the actual cause of death, through enemy action in WW1.....
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    CWGC will not accept that a stomach disorder was caused by enemy action without other evidence

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    Thanks, Chris, I understand that, but just putting an idea as to why the family stated his death was due to enemy action, when to all our current knowledge it was a stomach disorder. Why would they say it, otherwise? Was it just the stone mason putting the same words for both in error?
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    Yes I see what you mean now
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    Ive just realised I never did elaborate any further on this OP. This is the cutting from the local newspaper

    Easey, Edward William - story.jpg

    Easey, Edward William.JPG
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    Drop me an e mail and we get this one sorted.


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    'Civilian Deaths Due To War Operations' gets even more confusing with the Home Guard.

    When I was researching my book 'To The Last Round: The Leicestershire and Rutland Home Guard 1940-1945' (Breedon Books, 2007), I found 6 Leicestershire Home Guards were listed on the CWGC database as having died/been killed whilst on duty. However, further research reading through wartime issues of the Leicester Mercury identified another 13 local Home Guards who died whilst on service duty who are not on the CWGC roll. This Home Guard fell into a pit in the blackout whilst on sentry duty during the blackout and was given an official war grave:

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    This thread on the forum involves a similar case to the one in wich Edward William Easy was killed. Three children killed as a mortar bomb that had been scavanged from a training ground near Bangor, Wales, was played being dismantled by one of them.
    Maj. Charles Longueville Willding Jones CCTU - map ref help
    All three are on the CWGC Civilian register.
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    During 2nd World War for about 6 months 300,000 American Troops were stationed in Northern Ireland. I know of at least 3 men were killed when in contact with American Trucks/Jeeps--should they be on Civilian War Dead?? + one Nurse knocked down by American Jeep in London.
    Wesley Wright

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