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Discussion in 'WW2 Militaria' started by murgo, Jul 7, 2019.

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    What makes some Brodie helmets more valuable , I have seen some sell in the high hundreds £700 and some £100 . Are the early Mk1 with the 1937 strap worth more than the Mk2 ? Or Is it a certain regiment insignia ?? Any info appreciate .
  2. Jan2000

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    The one`s with regiment insignia are always valuable. They can be extremely hard to find.
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  4. Rich Payne

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    I've not heard of a collector's market specifically based on manufacturers and shell dates...condition is important and there will be some 'completists'. I think that I'd know if some manufacturers were more sought after. Earlier helmets in good condition are obviously less common. In terms of the reenactor market, early shells can be used for later war but not the other way round.

    In general though, original markings or provenance would be the deciding factor which is why there is so much faking.

    By the way, we're not really supposed to refer to any other than the early Great War helmets as 'Brodies'...I think this is because the War Office were trying to avoid paying the design owner once they'd modified them a bit.
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    Changes in laws relating to deacts have seen rampant price gouging to offset losses.

    So helmets worth £20-40 are now £120.

    An orgy of repainting has occurred in the last year by unscrupulous dealers - and sold as originals - for top end prices.
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    'Brodie' helmet.... Am |i the only one to hate this misapplied term?

    Can we at least call it by it's proper title of 'Battle Bowler'?
  7. Rich Payne

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    "Tin 'at", Old Boy, "Tin 'at" :)
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    What an interesting question......

    In all my years I’ve not come across anyone who only collects Hadfields, or Briggs, or Harrison’s etc....it’s often the quality and paint which boosts prices be it camo or badges (or “rank”/role in the case of HF).....and sadly, at the moment, it would be fair to say that if you see a good one today, there’s probably a good chance of it being a wrong ‘un. There appears to have been more helmets used in Malta than the entire population of that proud island.....and more flashed helmets than there were soldiers elsewhere....and don’t get me started on Home Front markings...it won’t be long before we see “FORUM CONTRIBUTOR” with two black stripes! In virtually every case the helmet itself is (or WAS, pre-overpaint) good....although one occasionally sees where a post-war Belgian soldier served as a Warden in East London 10 years earlier..presumably there was more space to park one’s time machine then! Anyway, I digress, the fact is that the humble Brit not-Brodie has jumped in value, be they Army or Wardens........and now there’s even a new and exciting book out which will make them even more collectible.....and even more copied! ( sorry about that)

    ....anyway, most “proper” Helmet collectors don’t collect boring ol’ British helmets anyway......they don’t have eagles or crooked crosses you see.... :D
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