WW2 British and Italian Souvenir Cloth Badges

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    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum in spite of having long been fascinated by both World Wars and collected items from both conflicts for many years.

    I recently purchased a collection of rather tatty and well mothed cloth badges that were supposedly found during a house clearance of a British Army veteran.
    Irish Guards Cloth Badge Souvenirs 1.jpg Irish Guards Cloth Badge Souvenirs 2.jpg
    As far as I know they are as follows:

    • Duke of Wellington’s Regiment slip-on shoulder title dating from early in the Second World War, circa 1940 (?)
    • An Irish Guards regimental sleeve badge (is this the right name?)
    • A Royal Artillery flaming grenade badge as worn above the NCO’s chevrons.
    • A Royal Artillery Gun Layer’s sleeve badge.
    • A King’s Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI) regimental sleeve badge.
    • Also in the grouping is a WW2 period Italian Flak Militia Badge.

    I am pretty certain that the badges all date from WW2 but the KSLI shoulder title does not appear to be the type I have seen associated with the Second World War, that, I believe, being red with white lettering rather than gold lettering on a green background so I wondered whether it was maybe post war.

    Did the KSLI wear a green shoulder title with gold lettering on during WW2? I have searched in vain on the web but still can't get an answer.

    If any badge experts out there could kindly let me know their thoughts on the KSLI shoulder title, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks and best wishes,


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