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Discussion in 'US Units' started by shamrock, Jul 14, 2007.

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    :m1helmet: hello i'm new at this so here i go.
    my dad was in the 88th, i don't know if he was, 349=350 or 351. he was at CAMP GRUBER,OK. USA 1942/1945 US ARMY looks like dad was sent overseas dec./1943 to Casablanca, N. Africa,,,,,feb.6/1944 Naples, FEB.28/1944 in action at MOUNT CATTELLONE. AUG./1945 he's at Desenxano, Italy.his name was
    C HARLES J ROBINSON, (jessie)from ar......is there anyone that has family from camp gruber, ok.???? thanks,, shamrock
  2. T. A. Gardner

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    I might suggest you get a copy of John Sloan Brown's Draftee Division The 88th Infantry Division in WW II. While you might not find your father listed in it, it is a very detailed account of the division's training and operations and well worth buying.
  3. shamrock

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    thank you, i will.
  4. shamrock

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    :group2: Hello, come on I know there is more 88th, blue devils, ww2 out there, I need help!:GroupHug: shamrock
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    :group2: hello, 1,000 new photo coming soon. SOLD ON EBAY for $4,400.00 ,,ww2. wonder who????? delois
  6. shamrock

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    Charles was sent home October 18th, 1945,,,,DO YOU KNOW ANYONE COMING HOME AT THAT TIME??????US ARMY 88TH, BLUE DEVILS 349, 350,OR 351...NEXT WEEK I'M PUTTING NINE SOILDERS PHOTOS in my profile hoping someone may know one of these men..SHAMROCK
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    hello, photos,,,ww236, 238, 240,,2159,2146,,,,please can anyone tell me where these were taken? shamrock
  8. missguided

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    Hello, I am trying to help a family friend find his buddies from the 88th and blue devils. His name is Robert Morrison and served with the 88th during 1946-1947, and blue devils from 1949-1951. I would really appreciate any information, or ideas on how to get information about his friends from his war days. He is a very proud Vet, and I would really love to b able to help him locate any members who may still b alive. Thank you!!!

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