WW1: Captain Rigby James Mitchell Christie, MC, Royal Scots

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    In the attached clip, besides his MC and two mentions in despatches, there is a mention of the 'Italian Medal for valour on the field'.

    Can anyone enlighten me about this award, please?

    My father got the Italy Star in WW2, but I think that the above is something else.



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    Silver Medal of Military Valor - Wikipedia
    "During World War I, the medal was awarded to military personnel, units above the level of company and civilians for exceptional valor in the face of the enemy.
    During World War I, the medal was given out some 38,614 times for individual acts of heroism (compared to 368 Gold Medals and 60,244 Bronze medals). [4]
    Thus, the Italian Silver Medal for Military Valor is equivalent in frequency and prestige to the British Military Cross, which was awarded some 40,253 times during World War I. [5]"

    London Gazette : 26 May 1917
    The following are among the Decorations and Medals awarded by the Allied Powers at various dates to the British Forces for distinguished services rendered during the course of the campaign:—
    His Majesty the King has given unrestricted permission in all cases to wear the Decorations and Medals in question.
    Decorations and Medals conferred by HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF ITALY.
    The Silver Medal for Military Valour.

    Temporary Captain Rigby James Mitchell Christie, Royal Scots.
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    Thanks very much for this information/


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