WW1 British War & Victory Medals: WKR N.L.Barker QMAAC

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    I've been reading about the Queen Mary Army Auxiliary Corps (QMAAC) in connection with these beautiful WW1 medals which were awarded to Worker N.L.Barker.


    The QMAAC ladies served their country both at home and in France in a number of roles, which helped free up some of the men for more active front line duties. I note that these ladies carried out there work wearing skirts that were no more that 12" off the ground (a detail that seemed to be very important in the 1900s).

    Unfortunately most of the records for the 57,000 women that served have been lost. So I stand little chance of discovering what Miss/Mrs Barker got up to.

    I don't yet know who she was or why my dad kept her medals along with his own, and those of both my grandfathers. "Barker" does not appear to be a family name, but I suspect she was someone close to my fathers family, and that the answer probably lies in Dorset, not a million miles from Sherborne where my dad grew up in the 1920s.
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    Hi Steve,
    Would this be her. ?
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    UK, WWI Service Medal and Award Rolls, 1914-1920
    Name: Nellie Louisa Barker
    Military Year: 1914-1920
    Rank: Worker
    Medal Awarded: British War Medal and Victory Medal
    Regiment or Corps: Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
    Regimental Number: 3060 0

    Nellie Louisa Barker
    BIRTH 9 NOV 1896 • St Martins, London, England
    DEATH Unknown


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    In my post #2 above, the record I saw (which is not shown)states Cheshire, England.
    Had a look in the Cheshire area and there is a Nellie Barker.
    Born 1894.
    Address, Great Warford near Alderley Edge, Cheshire.
    Parish, Great Warford.
    Registration district, Macclesfield.
    (it might not be her)

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    You guys are amazing!

    I'd done a search on the National Archives which just came back with 12 'Barker' results...none of them were for N.L.Barker, so I must have been asking the wrong question and/or in the wrong place.

    A closer look at the edge of each medal does indeed reveal the number 30600.

    So it looks pretty certain that her name was: Nellie Louisa Barker

    It doesn't look like there is a Dorset connection, which only adds to the mystery.

    Thanks very much for your help.
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