WW1 Bridges and Bridge building.

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  1. snailer

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    I picked these up a while ago, lantern slides of bridges and bridging techniques used in WW1. They look to have formed part of an instructional/training slideshow of some sort.


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  2. Owen

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    Thanks for sharing those.
  3. Mike L

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    Nice pics.
    With the exception of the timber trestle bridge they look surprisingly modern, even the raft bridge in the last photo.
  4. Deacs

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    Nice photos
  5. ploughman

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    Which Bridging training camp was used.
    The ones showing the Mk2 is almost certainly at such a camp.
    With the bridging stores sheds at the back and the provision of Holdfast anchorages in the foreground.
  6. snailer

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  7. Mike L

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    Carrying 80lb 3000 yards under fire and building a 55 foot bridge in 10 minutes?

    Bloody outstanding.
  8. snailer

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    I think the 1st photo, No22, is the finished bridge using the components in the last photo, No18 . I tried to post them next to each other but they got split up.
  9. Wills

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  10. snailer

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    Thanks Wills,

    A bit of light reading!

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