WW1 Auxiliary Miltary Hospital,St John's Presbyterian Church,Northwood,Middlesex

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    Hallowell Road,Northwood,Middlesex. (now St Johns United Reformed Church)

    At the onset of WW1 in 1914 the Northwood Voluntary Aid Detachment (V.A.D.) - Middlesex/10, part of the Eastern Command - was ready to mobilise a 20-bedded hospital at 4 hours notice (Northwood also had a men's First Aid Unit - Middlesex/5).

    In October 1914 the Detachment was provisionally offered the Lecture Hall of St John's Presbyterian Church in Hallowell Road for use as an auxiliary hospital for convalescent servicemen. A local appeal asked for financial support of a shilling (5p) a week while the hospital was open, but soon received promises of 200 shillings (£10) a week.

    The V.A.D. Hospital opened on 9th November 1914, but initially had no patients. Mindful that a congregation had been displaced from its church hall, the Commandant appealed to the War Office and, on 19th November, 14 English and 4 Belgian patients arrived. Three days later, 9 more were transferred from Stanmore.


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