Wrist compass found with detector ,what regiment ,49th West Riding division,4th Lincolns or Recce ?

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    Hi there, as a new member this is my first post. I became a member of this forum because of my hobby of metal detecting. In my village Ravels , Belgium (Google Maps) near the Dutch border I have found a wrist compass ( see photo "wrist compass metaldetecting.jpg) . The second photo (wrist compass.jpg) is a more clear picture found on the internet.
    In my region there was mainly a battle during the month of october 1944 where the 49th West Riding division, 4th Lincolns,49th Recce ( I believe) ... took part. I am sill finding out what other regiments, etc that have fought here.

    Does this compass is typical military equipment for officers,... or perhaps only Recce ? Don't know and would like to find out. The location where I have found it was in a pit near woods. Near this pit I also have found rifle shells couldn't tell British or German but 200 meters away I did find Mauser bullets. Also fins of a 2 inch mortar shells ans also a shell has exploded there.

    Does someone has war diaries or extra info from any regiment that took place in this region of can perhaps tell that it is from the Recce? Regards Nick
    Wrist Compass metaldetecting.jpg Wrist Compass.jpg

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