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    Olive Pett died on 27th June 1943 and is recorded on Naval History Casualties as 'Killed'. She was stationed at HMS Lynx, Dover and is buried in London Road Cemetery, Staines.

    Would any member have knowledge of cause of death? Grateful for any information.

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    hello Tony found this.Looks like death caused by German shelling
    According to book "The Blitz Then and Now " volume 3 , Market Square was hit on a number of occasions by cross channel shelling.

    THE DOVER WAR MEMORIAL PROJECT - World War Two - Other Service Deaths thorugh Enemy Action in Dover


    27 June one WRN, probably Olive Pett, and eleven servicemen, probably including Bertram Coker, Ernest Costin, Frederick Gage, Francis Gardner, Harold Lynch, Denys Matthews, Sidney Spiller, Frederick Wood Market Square/Cannon Street SHELL
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    Thanks Clive

    As the only Wren recorded as died ('Killed') on that date it has to be her.

    Will email Dover E.M.P. to see if they have any more specific details of that incident, will let you know

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Hello Tony
    photo of the shelled Market Hall ,Market Square Dover

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