Would someone be able to visit the IWM for me?

Discussion in 'General' started by jehpontin, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. jehpontin

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    I'm doing continual research into my Great-uncle and have found two documents at the IWM from others in his Company. Would someone be able to take some photos of these records? I understand it's a big ask however I'm 15 and live in Lincolnshire and therefore the chances of me visiting any time soon are fairly slim. I'm happy to pay for this of course.

    Private Papers of Captain N W G Skinner

    Private Papers of R P Pope

    Many thanks,

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  2. idler

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    Hi Joel,
    I went there some years ago and they didn't allow cameras. You either copied it out by hand or paid them for a copy. It might be worth contacting them for quotation - if the files aren't too extensive it might not be criminally expensive.
  3. von Poop

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    File weight: 4.8kg.

    I fear you may have to get visiting, Joel.
    Seem to recall the IWM are moving a lot of paperwork to Duxford. If this is in that move, it's possibly going to be more accessible for you.

    (And good man for being so interested at 15, mate. The paper trail following usually seems to hit people much later in life.)
  4. idler

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    At 4.8kg it's a good job he's starting young or he might never finish!

    Archive-accessing facilities at Duxford might be a mixed blessing - quite convenient for me, too, but bet you'd have to pay twice to get to them and again for copies...
  5. PsyWar.Org

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    IWM allow the use of cameras subject to purchase of a pass and that the camera is silent. That is, I don't think they allow the use of DSLRs due to mechanical shutter click.

    Vaguely recall someone here mentioned that there are restrictions on the number of pages that can be copied from a copyrighted source, per usual library restrictions.

    Sorry I can't assist with record copying from IWM.

  6. MongoUK

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    No helpful advice here, just wanted to tip my hat to someone your age taking the interest in hiatory and actively doing research.

    Great to have you amongst us!
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  7. Charley Fortnum

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    It might have been me. And a helpful person popped up to say that the restriction was only on published sources.
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