Would Hitler really have invaded Britain?

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Did Hitler really have the intention to invade Britain or was he bluffing?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    Notwhithstanding the "Admin and Logistics" of an invasion there was also the "people" of Britain to take into consideration.

    Churchill's speaches most certanly inspired the British People to fight to the last.

    Perhaps Hitler considerered the balance of the cost of invading Great Britain and maintaining rule over the cost of invading Russia ?

    Most certainly the people of Great Britain would have been active well after the success of an invasion.

    So No.

    Regards, Mick D.
  3. spidge


    Hi Mark,

    The question is directed at you personally. No What if's. Just your opinion and why you think one way or the other.

    Was the invasion seriously contemplated?


    Was the build up to invasion a bluff?


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    There is no doubt in my mind, having read and studied much material on the seaborne operations, that Hitler would have invaded should the opportunity have presented itself. Most of the early successes of the German forces came about because their opponents were ill prepared or had bad luck. The only strong opposition mounted in the Battle for France was offered by the British units. For the next 3 years the Allies got their act together and become as good as the Germans and in most departments much better.

    The facts which mitigated against his invasion plans are well documented in this thread. We can all be grateful that the events which resolved our situation in our favour eventually led to victory.
  5. Bob Wilton

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    I am of the opinion that if Germany had decided to invade the UK we would not have been able to stop them.The only main obstacle they would have to deal with was the Royal Navy.Our Army had been cut down between the two world wars and after the expeditionary force had been forced to retreat was in tatters.Had Germany invaded in say 1942 they would have over run us.No doubt we would have put up a strong resistance but the battle experienced Wehrmacht would have won the day.Their decision to invade Russia most definitely saved us from being invaded.I am led to believe that Germany had superior numbers of divisions fighting on the eastern front,and had they been employed to defeat the UK the Normandy Landings would never have taken place.With the UK defeated they could then have thrown everything they had at communist Russia.

    Hi Mark,

    The question is directed at you personally. No What if's. Just your opinion and why you think one way or the other.

    Was the invasion seriously contemplated?


    Was the build up to invasion a bluff?


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    Land frontiers as found in European mainland are at the best,represent inferior defensive lines.On the other hand, natural defensive lines such as mountain ranges and more importantly, seas and oceans make the best form of natural defence.

    The English Channel represented a formidable hurdle for any enemy to invade Britain and to achieve it,there were prerequisites necessary to be in place before this could take place.

    1. Seagoing vessels to convey manpower and special seagoing vessels to convey heavy equipment across the Channel....the Channel must have been regarded as the best tanktrap for an island nation such as Britain.As it was, the vessels requisitioned by Hitler were not specially designed for their intended use across seas which could be adverse at any time.Further in the so called battle of the barges,the RAF must have caused losses that would have interfered with the discharging of the invasion plan.

    2. Air superiority.The Luffwaffe failed to seize control of the skies above the Channel and the proposed beachheads and through a lack of intelligence failed to understand that the RAF were well supported by the Chain Home early warning radar system.

    3. Superiority at sea in the Channel.The Kreigsmarine would have, in order to achieve an accomplished landing on the south coast, would have had to have overwhelming control of the Channel and beachheads....they were never called to act for the Luftwaffe failed to achieve,irrespective of the capability and state of seagoing vessels in continental ports.

    I think Hitler cancelled Sealion in early 1941 and an invasion from this time and later,say in 1942 would probably turn out as disastrous for Hitler.Britain was much stronger by this time. FDR had heralded his future foreign policy to support democratic nations when he signed the Lease Lend legislation in March 1941 with Britain the first benefactor.

    Funnies out by numbering paragraphs.

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