Worthington Force

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    That's Brilliant. Thank you for posting it.
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    Just looking through You Tube vides & found this.


    edited video back in as old link didnt work.

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    Just to bring this topic back up to date slightly, there is a growing list of the British Columbia Regiment's tanks that were used at Hill 140 as part of Worthington Force, which is being compiled by one of the museum's volunteers. I must stress that all I did was 'tart it up a bit' and correct some minor spelling errors and that the information itself came to me in raw format from the excellently helpful Mr Robert Hall at the Museum.

    It is, in essence, a list of the known tanks that were knocked out at Hill 140 and some details of their commanders. As you can see, it is far from finished but I am rather impressed with Mr Hall's patience in trying to put this together for us more 'nerdy' types.

    If anybody has further information on either men or machines that are missing from the list that they can contribute, I would welcome it, as I'm sure would the museum.

    View attachment Worthington Force BCR Tanks.pdf

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