World War Two memories of a Yeoman

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  1. heatherannej

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    I have created an internet site for the WW2 memories of my late father-in-law, who was in the Essex Yeomanry & 191st (Herts. and Essex Yeomanry) Field Regiment R.A. 1939-1946. It is purely to share the war years from his autobiography, which he wrote in 1994. Technically, it is a "blog" but I have not used it as one - the chapters have been created, following his autobiography, and there will only be an odd edit and no regular posts. All the content is on now and just waiting for anyone with an interest. . Thank you in advance: World War Two Memories of a Yeoman
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  2. IanTurnbull

    IanTurnbull Active Member

    This is excellent; thank you for posting. I will study it closely. I am working on something similar for my Father who was also a Gunner (later Bombardier) in the EY but 431 "Harlow" Battery, "D" Troop. Mine is organised by year and is a long way from complete, and is being pulled together from reference resources as my Father did not write anything down, or indeed talk about it very much.
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  3. heatherannej

    heatherannej Junior Member

    Thanks for the complimentary words, Ian. I am sure you will find it worthwhile and rewarding to complete. My father-in-law did speak about many of his experiences and even gave lectures on them, locally. I was fortunate that, after being pestered by me, my father-in-law obliged by writing his autobiography. Good luck.
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  4. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Hi Heather

    A lovely blog/book - havent read it all yet but you have created a lovely memory of your late father in law - well written with a light hand - well done

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  5. heatherannej

    heatherannej Junior Member

    The majority is his work, his words ... so it is he who deserves most of the credit. Thanks
  6. Mick Holland

    Mick Holland New Member

    My father always spoke very kindly of Felix having served with him throughout the war. I know they remained friends until they both passed away.
  7. heatherannej

    heatherannej Junior Member

    Hello Mick ... Thank you. Yes, Malcolm and I recall Felix often mentioning your father.
  8. Expat Yeoman

    Expat Yeoman Member

    Heather, this is fascinating. Great to see information and a personal memoir about 191st, there seems to be much less for this Regt compared to 104 and 147th and nice to address that.

    I didn't get the chance to meet your father-in-law but I know he was very highly regarded and active with the EYA. Thanks for sharing his story.
  9. heatherannej

    heatherannej Junior Member

    Thanks for the kind words, Expat Yeoman. Personally speaking, Felix's son and myself know the value of first-hand accounts and it was always hoped that Felix's chapters would offer something for posterity, along those lines. Better to share it than not ... :)
  10. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake The Mayor of London's latest dress code

    A great read. It is quite rare to find an account by a BQMS. Did you know that there a regimental history of the 191st (E & H Y) Regt RA?
  11. Expat Yeoman

    Expat Yeoman Member

    Yes indeed! There was a similar account by Sgt Len Tutt who served with 414 Bty (104th) in North Africa and then Burma. They are always so much more interesting (IMO anyway) than the necessarily 'dry' Regimental histories.

  12. Expat Yeoman

    Expat Yeoman Member

    To add to Sheldrake's comment, there is a chapter on 191 in Gee's "Essex Yeomanry 1919 - 1949" and a separate (very scarce) book "View from the Bridge" by David Lamb devoted to the Regt.

    I have a copy of both and happy to look up / dig out stuff to help if anyone is researching the Regt.
  13. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    I've just spent a happy few hours reading these WW2 memories. Very well written and presented, and I have to say, quite amusing in places.

    I found the idea of Felix buying a new pair of pajamas to take on his honeymoon especially amusing...but I guess that's just me.

    And its always moving to read that comrades were lost in battle, buried, and the survivors just moved on to face another day.

    We young 'uns just don't realise how lucky we are.
  14. Andy Urwin

    Andy Urwin Member

    Hello Ian, my late grandfather was also in the 147th, 431 battery, D Troop. May I ask what your fathers name was? I have a few pictures of him and his crew and also some other troops. How are you getting on?
  15. Andy Urwin

    Andy Urwin Member

    This is amazing. Thank you so much for posting.
    I have recently started researching my grandfathers time in the 147th. He was is the 431 battery, D Troop. So pleased I have found this site
  16. Expat Yeoman

    Expat Yeoman Member

    Hi Andy, if you want to PM me your grandfather's name I can see if there are any mentions of him in the Regimental histories and the annual Essex Yeomanry Association Journal (there are certainly write ups of the annual reunion that took place).
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  17. Andy Urwin

    Andy Urwin Member

    Hi there,
    My grandfathers name was Cyril Urwin. Born 6.4.1922
    Thank you

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