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    First of all I want to apologize if this is not the correct forum to post about this.

    I will start by introducing myself. My name is Isidro Téllez and I’m the producer of a recently announced game: “World War II: TCG”

    The game is still under development and I’m currently gathering some feedback on how to improve it, focusing specially on experienced World War II history groups of players, groups of experienced board game players and groups of Trading Card palyers which are the target audience of the game, so if you are interested into discussing about the game or providing any kind of feedback about it feel free to put them in this thread, I will continue visiting it and answering/updating daily.

    As an introduction to the game, the game will be a free-to-play Trading Card Game inspired by the events of the Second World War, so if you are also experienced in World war history your feedback will be even more appreciated.

    I don’t want to go much into detail on this first post as I don’t want to bore people and wanted to first know if there would be people interested in participating.

    But for the moment I will attach here some screenshots about Cards Art and our in-game Interface, so if you are interested feel free to comment about them, I will also answer any question you may have about gameplay or anything related to the game!

    Thanks a lot in advance, hope this “little project” can work well as your feedback will be really appreciated.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    PS: I will maybe posting this same post on other forums groups so sorry for the inconveniences this may cause!

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  2. hutchie

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    looks really interesting! cant wait to see the finished article.

    only thing i ask is how realistic is it? i mean germans aint getting shermans in there hand etc? is there naval? is there officers like mongomery & rommel?, any resistance or home gaurd?

    whats the deadline to have this running?

    im interested in playing it once its up and running to give it ago :)
  3. FrozenShard

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    Hey hutchie,

    Thanks for your reply and glad you like what you've seen! You pointed out some good questions so I will try to answer as clear as possible:

    only thing i ask is how realistic is it? i mean germans aint getting shermans in there hand etc?

    We discussed about this several times and finally opted what we think it's the better approach for everyone. Every card belongs to its own faction, meaning Shermans will be always americans, but in your deck you can have units from different factions, Why we did it this way? Because we did not want to punish people that wanted to switch factions after getting several cards from a different faction, on a side note we also wanted to reward players that indeed wanted to play with one faction only so we added certain features and abilities that apply only to units with the same faction, meaning that doing a one faction only deck will offer unique playstyles and strategies.

    is there naval?

    Not in launch, but we have already some cool plans about implementing a naval expansion to the game. And they look great!

    is there officers like mongomery & rommel?

    That's a good question, we already have some soldier heroes implemented like Vassili Zaitsev or Hiroo Onoda but we are still holding on implementing officers as we may want to add them offering a new gameplay, as they are not real fighting units we want to find the perfect roll for officers gameplay wise.

    any resistance or home gaurd?

    We will have a lot of different infantry units, from the Alamo Scouts to the 2nd Guards "Tamanskaya" we will have 200 cards in launch and all of them are based on historic WW2 units so expect a lot of them. We did not count resistance groups or the Home guard as a faction for the game but we do not discard to place them as posible units, also we have plans of adding additional factions so it's indeed a good feedback!

    The game will launch with 4 factions (Americans, Germans, Japanese and Russians)

    whats the deadline to have this running?

    Plan is to launch it in the last quarter of this year, I will make sure to let you know when the beta is avaiable!

    Thanks for your words, keep asking away and I will make sure to reply as quick as possible!

  4. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Any word on this? Any updates?

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