World War 2

Discussion in 'General' started by =SWM= Capt. FG, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. =SWM= Capt. FG

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    WW2 was a terrible war... It induced many casualties.... In the end it was worth it. The Allies came out victorious and had defeated the Nazis and Japs. This war has shaped how we live today. We could very well all be speaking German and Japanese if it were not for all the men in WW2.
    Anyone have any comments on that? :D :)
  2. Friedrich H

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    I think it was more than that.

    WWII was won by three nations mainly. And European WWII was won almost entirely by one nation which at the time was no better than Nazi Germany: the USSR.

    In the XX century the world saw three different political ideologies, all powerful. And the world experienced with the three. WWII was the clash of them. Fascism was fortunately annihilated by its own Darwinist principle: "The strongest always survives". Forty years later we saw communism to collapse by its own failures. And theoretically the strongest and ablest remained. The one provided to us by the men of the western democracies who fought and died in WWII.
  3. No.9

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    ”worth it”? Hardly, any option to fight it at the time had to be taken, but it’s more succinctly termed ”inevitable” considering the way the 14-18 war was ended and the political measures that followed. :(

  4. salientpoints

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    Maybe 'worth it' means worth the sacrifice of those men & women lost to be where we are today. At no time other than WW2 were men and women more united on the frontline and on the homefront globally (certainly in the european theatre).

    Yes there were troubles but everyone pretty much had a single goal and thought. It could be said it made life 'easier' in some respects to today's issues...

    STEVEN Senior Member

    Is any war worth the horrendous loss of life,many would argue no.But when you look at where we COULD have been today,then someone had to make the sacrifice.

    But if we'd ended it properly the first time then maybe we wouldn't have had to go through it all again !!.

    Steven :(
  6. No.9

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    There’s one view that if Germany had succeeded with its plans in the early stages of W.W.I, and won, Europe would have been better off in respect of both the nazis and Communism would not have established? Hence no Hitler in power and no Cold War???


    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Originally posted by =SWM= Capt. FG@Feb 16 2004, 05:36 PM
    In the end it was worth it. The Allies came out victorious and had defeated the Nazis and Japs. This war has shaped how we live today.
    Anyone have any comments on that? :D :)
    Strange to think though - a central European government, talk of a European army, a single European currency. Sounds familiar to a certain guy's ideas from 60 odd years ago I think! ;)
  8. hey guys, speaking of which... my country was once controlled by the nationalistics of Japan. To tell you the truth, I don't blame them. It is a road to equalibrium. Everything revolves to the same place. What will happen will always happen. It is lucky for us that there is inbalace in the West. This gives them a kind of unlimited power and overwhelming economic control... Germany and Japan never experienced that.
  9. salientpoints

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    The Sozialist Fuhrer- I have removed the last sentance on the post above so as not to cause offence to anyone.

    We are here to discuss military interests and stay clear of personal religious and political issues & thoughts.


  10. David Seymour

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    Well done. Quite right. Let's keep this Forum strictly for its intended purpose: Military Historical Research. There is a clear model for this Forum on Chris' Great War Forum. That is what we must aim for.
  11. Christina

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    We maintained our freedom, at an enormous cost of lives, was it worth it? Did we learn from it? To answer those questions one has to look at the world since, how many small wars has there been? Sad to say "will man ever learn"?
  12. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Was it worth it? Yes I think it was to prevent me sitting here with Hitlers picture on my wall as some sort of saviour.

    Should or could it have been prevented? well thats an argument that could go on forever.

    And as Christina says, did we learn from it? no we did not considering all the fighting since then and the so called causes that justified them.
  13. archivist

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    Sorry, I don't mean to be frivolous but the opening item looks like it was written by a not very old or not very bright schoolboy. It is not very well worded and its purpose is not clear. None of us would be here if it was not worth it and we are all beyond the point of researching it in such simplistic terms as:

    "WW2 was a terrible war... It induced many casualties" and "The Allies came out victorious and had defeated the Nazis and Japs" and "We could very well all be speaking German and Japanese"

    That made me check the date but it's not 1st of April. Are we being wound up?

    Just a thought
  14. dbf

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    Perhaps then it's not surprising the thread remained dormant for nearly 13 yrs. The OP only stayed around for a few months. ;)
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    Bloody hell, why even bother bring up this old thread form a time that most of us weren't even members on the forum.
    when this thread was started in Feb 2004 I had never even been on the internet before.
    My mate gave me his old PC a couple of months later.

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