World War 2 UK command areas - map?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Malcolm56, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Malcolm56

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    Hello does anyone know of a map showing the command areas - N, E, S, W, Sc, L.D. & NID. ?

    Thank you
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  3. Aixman

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    Army Council Instruction 349, 15.03.1941:

    Re-organization of Home Commands.
    The following changes in the organization of commands at home, which took effect from 15th February, 1941, are notified:--
    (a) Eastern Command is divided into two independent commands, viz., Eastern Command and South-Eastern Command.
    (b) Aldershot Command is abolished and becomes Aldershot area under the South-Eastern Command.
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  4. Gary Kennedy

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    This map is in the US Technical Manual on British Armed Forces, which was issued in late September 1942. It's a bit blurry I know and not terribly well detailed, included for comparison to TD's link. Look's to incorporate the change to Eastern and South-eastern commands noted by Aixman.


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  5. Malcolm56

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    Thank you all - that is just what I needed. Best wishes
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    Dont think I included anything for comparison ?? do you mean idlers link?

  7. Gary Kennedy

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    My apologies Idler, it was your link I was referencing. I did watch Minions last night, so perhaps that put TD's current avatar into my subconscious...

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