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    Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me where to go to learn more about my Great Great Uncle Malcolm MacKenzie, from Dean, Nova Scotia. He was a member of a Canadian Armored Tank Regiment. He died June 7th 1944 and he is buried in Beny-sur- Mur France. On the head stone it had ( F.29901 Trooper, The Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment ) Son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman MacKenzie.

    Or if anyone has any information that would be greatly helped. I am learning more about him because I have a project to do in Canadian History class called a soldier profile. thank you
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    try this link to learn more about obtaining a copy of the biography on Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters who served with your great uncle in the Sherbrooke Fusiliers.
    Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters Biography - MLU FORUM

    Then I suggest you google Major Sydney Radley-Walters which will lead you to a host of information on the Sherbrooke Fusiliers.
    Good luck with the research.
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    I've edited the thread title to include the Regiment.
    27th Armoured Regiment (The Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment)
    War Diary reference at National archives, London, UK.
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    WO 179/3010
    27 Armd. Regt.
    Covering dates 1944 Jan.- Dec.
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    ok thank you so much
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    Tpr MacKenzie was a crewman in tank A23 (third tank, second troop, A Sqn) commanded by Cpl Warner.

    Here is a paragraph mentioning him that is included in the War Diary of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers that covers A Sqn on the 7 Jun 44:

    "At the same time Lt Fitzpatrick with his troop moved to the southern edge of Authie where two of his tanks were hit. Tpr Hardy and Tpr MacKenzie were killed and Cpl Warner was seriously wounded as the result of a shell piercing their turret. When Cpl Warner was fit to move, Lt Fitzpatrick evacauted the tank with Cpl Warner being held on the rear deck by four men while Sgt Cormier directed the driver back through the Regt to medical assistance. All three tks of his troop were put out of action but one was evaucated under fire."

    I hope this helps.
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    How unusual that a war diary should mention ORs.
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    My uncle is Tpr Hardy.

    SherFusR where did you get your info? I have been trying to confirm it with no luck.
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    SherFusR was last on the forum September 16th, so not too long ago. I will send him a message and hopefully he will pick it up through his e-mail system and get back to you

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    There are a couple of Sherbrook Fusiliers briefly mentioned in the War Diary of the 24th Lancers...

    24th L War Diary: 20/4/42 2/Lt.J.H.Crane and 2/Lt.A.Wright-Harvey were posted to 51st Training Regiment RAC pending draft. Major D.W.Beaudry and Major W.L.Tomkins of the 27th Canadian Armoured Regiment, The Sherbrook Fusiliers, were attached to the Regiment.

    & Majors Beaudry and Tomkins get mentioned in the war diary again a little later...

    24th L War Diary: Mayfield 2/5/42 Major D.W.Beaudry and Major W.L.Tomkins of the 27th Canadian Armoured Regiment, The Sherbrooke Fusiliers ceased to be attached to the Regiment and proceeded to the AFV School, Bovington.
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