World War 1 Victoria Cross Paving Stones, location observation.

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    Just airing an observation.

    I have taken photographs of many of the WW1 Victoria Cross paving stones in London.
    On my travels I have been concerned that a number of the stones have been laid in the street where in time they will be forgotten and weather worn.Some have been laid in a town centre or at/near the home address of the recipient others within the bounds of the local war memorial.I assume it is a similar story around the UK.

    Below is an article by War Memorials Trust

    In general, War Memorials Trust does not recommend that these paving stones are added directly to existing war memorials or within their boundary, for example as a replacement for existing paving. This is because the nature of the inscriptions may not match the existing memorial; also the existing paving may have its own merit as well as forming part of the design of the memorial. In addition, the materials the new paving stone is made from may not be the same as the existing memorial or paving so its introduction may result in a visual change or physical damage to the original paving, or to the memorial itself.

    When installing a VC paving stone, War Memorials Trust recommends that considerations should be given to not locating it on a main walkway as the inscriptions will wear quickly if they are walked over and some people may consider such use as disrespectful and that there should also be space for people to gather for services and to lay flowers.

    Below a few different types of locations used around London.As you can see they are already becoming weather worn or placed on the public thoroughfare.


    upload_2018-11-20_22-39-2.png upload_2018-11-20_22-40-9.png upload_2018-11-20_22-40-34.png upload_2018-11-20_22-40-57.png upload_2018-11-20_22-42-29.png upload_2018-11-20_22-43-10.png
    upload_2018-11-20_22-44-20.png upload_2018-11-20_22-48-46.png upload_2018-11-20_22-50-24.png upload_2018-11-20_22-50-56.png upload_2018-11-20_22-52-36.png upload_2018-11-20_22-53-15.png upload_2018-11-20_22-54-12.png
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    Clive, as usual some nice photos. I agree it would be a shame when these get worn and unreadable in the future. The second image, with railings around it is a great idea. Well done.
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