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  1. I know this is a WW2 forum, but i have had great help from members in the past in sorting out my questions .
    A few months back my sister`s husband died. Having to sort his things out she found which was to be a WW1 Silver War Badge, I had never seen one of these before, so i googled it and i now know what it is all about. Sadly she has no idea how it came into his possession, his father would have served in WW2 but not in WW1.
    On the back of the badge there is a number which is 227468 from what i understand the number could be used to find out who the person was that it was given to.
    Has anybody got access to Ancestry where i believe the records can be accessed to find out who the recipient was.
    If i could find this out she could then give it to the family who had been given the medal.
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    Also worth trying the Great War Forum
    ww1 forum - Google Search
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    Badge number 227468 was awarded to Humphrey Jones - is that a possibility?

    156136 Gunner Humphey JONES, 439 Seige Battery. Enlisted 24/6/1916, discharged 23/8/1917, discharge due to sickness, rheumatoid arthritis, did not serve overseas. Service record on Findmypast and Ancestry.

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  4. Many thanks
    That name does not ring a bell at all, does the register have an address? we are located in Porthmadog Gwynedd (Caernarvonshire) North Wales
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    How about 10 Back Snowdon Street, Portmadoc !!
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  6. Wow bingo its got be, I will inform my sister to see if that rings a bell to her
    Many many thanks
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    Private message sent - see 'conversation'

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