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    I am trying to track details down about my Grandfather. I have several differing accounts of his military service and they don't all seem to align.

    I have been told that he went to Iceland and that he was hospitalised in late 1943 / ?? early 1944 with meningitis, possibly in Lincoln?

    I have also been told that he did not leave the UK for the whole of his service, which i believe would have been HO. He was demobbed in January 1946.

    My aunt believes that he was involved in training soldiers.

    The details that I have managed to track down are:

    Leslie Thomas Burgin
    Worcestershire Regiment

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

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    OK - the only way to answer the questions you have posed are to obtain his service records, they are only available from the APC at Glasgow and the link for the forms etc is - Request records of deceased service personnel - should take about 6 - 8 weeks

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    The number doesnt feature in the casualty lists but it is a genuine number for Worcestershire enlistment.

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    Worcestershire Regiment (29th/36th of Foot)

    On 4th June 1941 the Battalion sailed from Greenock for Iceland. On 8th June the Battalion disembarked at Reykjavik, the capital of the island,.....................................

    His service records will tell you if he was amongst them, as it will detail his sailing date etc

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    Morning Neil

    On the 1939 Register, he was living at 267 Beoley Road, Redditch with his family. A 16 year old (born: 29 Aug 1916) window cleaner working with his Father (William H. Burgin)
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    Thanks everyone for all the information and advice. Next step the regimental Museum.

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