Woolworths 2000 seat restaurant ,Blackpool,World War 2

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    When it opened in 1938, the newly-extended Woolworth store on the seafront of the English resort of Blackpool was the largest in the world. It had been designed and purpose-built to the highest standard to serve the hundreds of thousands of tourists who stayed in the north-western town each week in peak season.

    With many tourists opting for bed and breakfast accommodation, Woolworth aimed to provide good food for every visitor with an extensive lunch and dinner menu, with two whole restaurant floors which opened from dawn to 11pm. But, just a year after it opened, Britain went to war. Despite all of the challenges of the conflict, the Restaurant went from strength to strength, becoming the favourite haunt of local airmen, and maintaining an air of optimism and tranquility to help people through the darkest hours.



    Wartime Restaurant Menu

    A very British lunch counter (1938-1941)

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