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    Wondering if you would know where I might be able to find my Mothers service records for the British land army?

    From National Archives.
    This is a brief guide to researching records of the Women's Land Army. The original service records of the Women's Land Army have not survived. The National Archives has microfiche copies of alphabetical index cards from 1939 to 1945 that contain some basic information about the women's service.

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    Looking for records of the Women's Land Army | The National Archives

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    I am trying to trace my grandmothers records of service she worked in paighton area Torbay Devon ruffly between 1945 to 1950 she was mainly posted around padgate warrington area could any one assist with gaining her records message me please Johnmc1989@live.co.uk her name was Isabella booth d.o.b 27th may 1927 she lived at number 5 Macbeth street bootle Liverpool any help greatly appreciated
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    There are a couple of books about the Land Girls, I have read both and they are very good indeed.
    My auntie was a land girl during the war in Chearsley, Bucks. Italian pow's were also working on the land there.
    After the war a load of houses were built upon this former large allotment area, my auntie and uncle moved into one of these houses. Living there for over 50 years my auntie was still digging the same land, along with her husband who was a very keen gardener.
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    I know it isn't a general interest, but this is on my website Holford at War. Woodlands Farm in Holford Somerset employed one Land Girl (mature), a Miss Scuttiford who lived with a companion in Briar Cottage, she worked with Ted Gibbs, who was full of praise for her efforts. Might be of help to somebody.
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    BBC News 21 October 2014

    Memorial Arboretum Land Girls monument to be unveiled after three-year fundraising campaign.

    A memorial to Britain's Land Girls funded by an £85,000 fundraising campaign is due to be unveiled later.
    The bronze statue - created to honour women who served in the Land Army during World War Two - has been placed at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire.
    A three-year campaign by the Staffordshire Women's Food and Farming Union (SWFU) to fund the project received over 1,000 donations.
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    good day ron goldstein.ww2 veteran,2 aug,2008.10:07am..re: about your sister receiving her badges for land army service.as they say.all good thing come to those who wait,my congratulasions to your sister.a great post.regards bernard85
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    The women who fed the UK in WW2

    During World War Two, tens of thousands of British women and girls volunteered for farm work to produce vital food supplies.

    Even with rationing, Britain was in danger of running out of food because of blockades and bombardment.

    Mona K McLeod was just 17 years old when she joined the Women's Land Army.

    Witness: The stories of our times told by the people who were there.
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    My Gran and her sister part of the Landladies in North Berwick Dirleton

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    If you recognise a relative in this photo, I'd love to know.
    All I can remember is my Mum said she was posted to somewhere in Devon near a big house?

    My Mum is the second from the right, front row.

    Landarmy Mum sitting 2nd in.jpg
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    A Lovely line-up of ladies :) My Auntie was a Land Girl in a small Buckinghamshire village from 1944 onwards. They worked with some Italian POWs, whom she said had no-interest in the war. The land she worked on had houses built on it after the war, along with her new Husband, ex Royal Navy, they moved into one of those houses, so carried-on digging the same land for another 55 years plus ! Her Sister, my Mother, was just a bit too young to do the same thing, the war ending she got a ''Proper'' job ! :whistle: I had bought a book, below, my Auntie had also bought a book on the subject, so after reading our own, we read each other's.

    IMG_20220625_0001.jpg IMG_20220625_0002.jpg
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