Wolfenstein Enemy territory

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wise1, May 29, 2004.

  1. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    Has anyone heard of this game? Its free to download and looks really excellent.

    I can set it up on network play and anyone can join by just downloading the software.

    I gather that its an add on to the original enemy territory but the project hit big problems so they released it for free.
  2. Happy Hussar

    Happy Hussar Junior Member

    Its add on to Wolfenstein.
    Wolfensteins multiplayer had multiplayer but it had its problems... pay for play :/
    And yes W:ET is free. It has many maps. It looks nice. It's on Quake3 engine if I'm not wrong. Well it looks like that one.


    I must say I like to lay down on ground with MG-42 and fire all day long ;]
    Oh and mortar is fun...and flamethrower...and panzerfaust :P

    Fixed link Gnomey
  3. paxgamers

    paxgamers Junior Member

  4. Rebel

    Rebel Junior Member

    actually, this is the longest period i have ever played one game, this game is so excellent, although some of you will be dissapointed as it takes a clip to drop somone, but if you aim for the head, 3 shots should do it.

    if you want a true experience, get the new Call of Duty.
  5. Lone Chindit

    Lone Chindit Junior Member

    i found the a site to download the game for free, also the patch for it, looks good i may d/l it

    is it worth it guys or will it disapoint me from playing coduo

    enemyterritory free download
  6. Stich

    Stich Junior Member

    In response to the questions about Wolfenstein Enemy Territory....I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein religiously for about 3 yrs. the multiplayer was so fun! :D

    But the free Enemy Territory game to me was a total joke, the graphix actually got worse, they were very blocky and the gameplay was horrible. Skip this one folks, it's a dud :(

    After collecting and playing virtually every first person shooter WWII game in the last 6 years, my personal favorites are....

    1)Hidden&Dangerous 2

    2)Call of Duty

    3)Day of Defeat

    4)Medal of Honor series

    5)Return to Castle Wolfenstein(yah, yah, I know it's gets a little comic-booky with the occult and the monsters, but it's a fun game :P )

    I hope this helps!


    GUMALANGI Senior Member

    I used to play RTCW as well for about 2 years,..quit it early last year,.. but mine is free D/L,. so the Multiplayer mode was very limited,.. so far just play at the beach and trench.


  8. Lt. Winters

    Lt. Winters Member

    Im a new comer to this one though im quite a newcomer to this game but a seasoned vet for MoHAA and BF series ill give it a go. Thanks for the download.
  9. Lt. Winters

    Lt. Winters Member

    Its a great fun online game look out for me my name is JawZ
  10. Lt. Winters

    Lt. Winters Member

    JawZ are you there?

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