WOII Julian & Sjt. Sander 4th Indian Division, 13th Corps, Royal Artillery

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    14th/16th March 1944 WOII Roy Ernest Julian (790344) & Sjt. Norman Sander (831831) 116/118 Field Battery, 31st Field Regiment, 4th Indian Division, 13th Corps received their D.C.Ms at an Investiture at Buckingham Palace, Miss. Goatman was Julian's fiancee; believe both survived the war.

    WOII Roy Ernest Julian (790344/ 358111) citation for his DCM

    WO 373/18/124 WOII Roy Ernest Julian (358111)

    Date of announcement in London Gazette 24 February 1942

    Sjt. Norman Sander (831831) citation for his DCM

    WO 373/20/280 Sjt. Norman Sander (831831)

    Date of announcement in London Gazette: 09 September 1942

    I have attached the citations below.


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    Royal Artillery Attestations 1883-1942:



    Marriages Sep 1945
    Julian, Roy E - Goatman - Woolwich - 1d 2483
    Goatman, Phyllis E E - Julian - Woolwich - 1d 2483

    2 sons

    Rutherglen Road, Woolwich, 1964


    Name: Roy Ernest Julian
    Death Age: 74
    Birth Date: 7 Nov 1914
    Registration Date: Oct 1989
    Registration district: Greenwich

    Name: Major Roy Ernest Julian
    Register Type: Cremation
    Death Date: 24 Oct 1989
    Burial or Cremation Date: 2 Nov 1989
    Burial or Cremation Place: Greenwich, London, England
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    I have this 'press' version of the photograph. Unsure whether the back offers any more details:
    The red insignia are usually highlighted for censorship, but does the flash on the left man's right shoulder read 'Mountain'?

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    As both citations mention the action on 15/12/41, I'll post this essay from the appendices of the unit history:

    Alem Hamza

    20190222_214615.jpg 20190222_214654.jpg 20190222_214754.jpg 20190222_214820.jpg
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