WO2 Norman Dove, REME - tracing descendants

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    The REME Museum have posted the attached on Facebook in the hope of finding the family of Norman Dove:

    I know some of you like a challenge, so thought you might be able to help...
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    Happy to help. Just found the link to the Facebook page - if members who use FB start sharing the Museum's post, then there's always a chance somebody will recognise the family. https://www.facebook.com/REMEMuseum/?fref=ts
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    CWGC details:

    Rank:Warrant Officer Class II
    Trade:Armt. Q.M.S.
    Service No:3716883
    Date of Death:30/07/1944
    Regiment/Service:Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers attd. 38th Regt. Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C.
    Grave Reference: Sec. 1. Row G. Grave 6. Cemetery:CHIPPENHAM (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY
    Additional Information:Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Dove; husband of Elizebeth Dove, of Orrell, Bootle, Lancashire.

    This helps as we can work out he was born 1913 ish

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    Other details:

    Norman Dove in the England & Wales, Death Index, 1916-2007

    Name: Norman Dove
    Birth Date: abt 1913
    Date of Registration: Sep 1944
    Age at Death: 31
    Registration district: Chippenham
    Inferred County: Wiltshire
    Volume: 3a
    Page: 58

    Norman Dove in the UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945

    Name: Norman Dove
    Given Initials: N
    Rank: Warrant Officer Class II
    Death Date: 30 Jul 1944
    Number: 3716883
    Birth Place: Yorkshire
    Residence: Liverpool
    Branch at Enlistment: Other Corps
    Theatre of War: United Kingdom
    Regiment at Death: Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    Branch at Death: Other Corps

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    Probable birth details:
    Name: Norman Dove
    Mother's Maiden Name: Waterworth
    Registration Year: 1913
    Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
    Registration district: Skipton
    Parishes for this Registration District: View Ecclesiastical Parishes associated with this Registration District
    Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding
    Volume: 9a
    Page: 44

    Parents marriage:

    Name: Ernest Joseph Dove (Ernest J - as given by CWGC Details)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Birth Year: abt 1882
    Event Type: Marriage
    Event Date: 26 Nov 1907
    Parish: Kelbrook, St Mary, Lancashire, England
    Search Photos: Search for 'Kelbrook, St Mary' in the UK City, Town and Village Photos collection
    Spouse: Mary Anne Waterworth (corresponds with birth details)
    Spouse Age: 22
    Father: William Dove

    There is a 'private' family tree which I can contact if that is required??


    It also appears that the family went to Canada for a while:

    Name: Norman Dove
    Gender: Male
    Age: 7
    Birth Date: abt 1913
    Departure Date: 30 Mar 1920
    Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
    Destination Port: St John, New Brunswick, Canada
    Ship Name: Scandinavian
    Search Ship Database: Search for the Scandinavian in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
    Shipping line: The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Ltd
    Official Number: 109441
    Master: E Griffiths

    edited to add:
    Note above in this colour)
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    If this is his family then it appears that he had 2 elder brothers

    Ernest Joseph Dove Age in 1911: 28

    Birth Place:
    Ilkeley, Yorkshire, England

    Civil Parish:Earby

    County/Island:Yorkshire-West Riding

    Street address:Dotcliffe Kelbrook Nr Colne Yorks

    Occupation: Warp Dresser (cotton)

    Registration district:

    Household Members:

    Ernest Joseph Dove 28
    Mary Ann Dove 26
    Alfred Dove 3
    Edward Dove 1

    note: Kelbrook Yorkshire changed to Kelbrook Lancashire in 1974.
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    Checking Dove births with mothers maiden name Waterworth so far gives:

    Harold Dove
    1911 Jul-Aug-Sep Skipton Yorkshire West Riding

    Norman Dove
    1913 Apr-May-Jun Skipton Yorkshire West Riding

    Alice Dove
    1914 Oct-Nov-Dec Skipton Yorkshire West Riding

    From a public family tree for Alice above it shows siblings:

    Alfred 1908 as RCG post shows
    Edward 1909 as RCG post shows
    Norman 1913
    Alice 1914
    Bertie 1917
    Gilbert 1926
    It does not show Harold 1911 but thats not to say he isnt one of them

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    I have sent messages to 2 family tree creators on Ancestry (1 x public and 1 x private) providing them the link to this thread

    Lets keep fingers crossed

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    Thanks for your efforts - we'll see what happens...
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    With that amount of siblings a good chance that there are some relatives about.
    Have just emailed Kelbrook parish council to see if any Doves still live in the area.
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    The inquest into the death of QMS Dove was reported in the Western Daily Press August 4th 1944

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    Never a big fan of these appeals, it’s usually one family member who has sold the medals and then the ‘lost’ medals are then re-united with another family member only to start the cycle over again, reminds me of the bloke who spent 6 months searching for the relatives of some WW1 medals he had bought only to find that it was the relatives who were the ones who had put the medals on ebay in the first place.

    Anyhow, would you not be best looking for the ‘baby Norma” re the CWGC headstone schedule if you are trying to trace descendants?
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    You may well be right snailer, but for me the chase is worth more than the prize.
    and the information gained here, may be useful in the future.
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    I don’t understand what needs chasing, the REME museum are looking for descendants, there is one listed with the CWGC and inscribed on the headstone. Are they incapable of using one of a myriad of Birth Marriage and Death sites to progress this further without resorting to Facebook appeals.
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