WO 32/11847. Disbandment of the Recce Corps.

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    WO 32/11847. Disbandment of the Recce Corps.

    This file covers the transfer of GHQ Liaison Regiment from the Reconnaissance Corps, which was disbanded 1st August 1946, to the Royal Armoured Corps. A Corps Warrant – Amendment to this effect was issued as Army Order 146 of 1946 dated 24 August 1946.

    A minute of 18 September 1946 asks, “Should not a further amendment to the Corps Warrant transferring the GHQ Liaison Regiment from the RAC to the R Signals be put in hand?”

    A draft Army Council Instruction (ACI) (item 23B) states, “With effect from 1st September 1946, GHQ Liaison Regiments, Squadrons and Troops will be re-designated Signal Reporting Regiments, Squadrons and Troops respectively”. However at the time of this file it had been provisionally withdrawn form publication.

    An excerpt from regiments.org shows the subsequent history:

    Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment

    1947.01.01 GHQ Signals Reporting Regiment (Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment), Royal Signals reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Kensington, and concurrently amalgamated with duplicate 2nd Battalion (continuing role of war-time GHQ Liaison Regt).

    1950 Army Phantom Regiment, Royal Signals (Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment).​

    The file mentioned, 20/Misc/2648 (now reference WO 32/11520), can be found here.
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