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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Robert Wimpenny, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Robert Wimpenny

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    I am trying (In vain) to find Information on my late Mothers WJAC Service ,Womens Junior Air Corps (Jac's, Girls In Grey) .
    She was based at Thongsbridge, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

    Obviously I have all the basic Info re WJAC's from Wikepedia, Google etc but have drawn a complete blank on my Mums Unit.

    I have contacted all Local History Organisations (Holmfirth Family History, Huddersfield Main Library, Meltham Roots Cellar, Hudderfield Family History etc) and no one has even heard of a WJAC Unit In the area at all, - Indeed no of them knew of the the existence of the WJAC full stop.

    (I understand there was a much larger unit in Huddersfield about 8 mile away from Holmfirth) but even that has drawn nothing at all.

    I have chased RAF Information, ATC, and the GVC which apparently replaced the WJAC.
    I have a copy of Practical Family History Feb 2008 which features the WJAC and even the Author of the piece states that there is little evidence of its existence.

    I have had searches on Ebay looking at memorabilia etc in the hope I might stumble across a dedicated collector - no luck so far.

    when my Mum was alive I had no Interest In any of this !!! How many times does that happen...hmm.
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    I would guess there may well be some interesting details in The National Archives (TNA) they seem to have some files on them but you may need to refine the parameters to those concerning your Mum

    Search results: Womens Junior Air Corps | The National Archives

    We have members on here you provide a service a copying files at the TNA for a realistic price (about 10% of that charged by TNA)

    I would also suggest perhaps asking for her service records - the link is - Request records of deceased service personnel and there is an RAF section - it may be worth giving them a call to clarify if they hold your Mums records or of there is somewhere else you should apply to - I cant find the phone number at the moment .


  3. Robert Wimpenny

    Robert Wimpenny New Member

    Thank you so much for this Info and speedy reply,
    The National Archives link (looks at first appearance) to be quite overwhelming !
    I was told by someone that the Raf didn't hold records on the WJAC but I will check that out myself now, perhaps should have done before !

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