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    Thank you im pleased that you like it, I would love to know who the other lads are. My uncle is there too .This is another one .

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    Another nice picture Clive of some very young looking lads. You might attract more attention with a dedicated thread (topic) for your enquiry with an appropriate subject title that would include the unit name. Not sure what the best spot for that would be, perhaps in "Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy"?

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    Many thanks Cee ill make a post of them somehow.
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    That link to operation Polly was very interesting, it goes some way to confirming the story that my mother was evacuated from Palestine as the dates tie up so well. The evacuation order was given on 31st Jan 1947 and the army records show the family returning home on 10th Feb 1947. I think I will have to make a trip to the national archives as WO 275/37 contains a list of names of the evacuated families.

    When Ron says "Major, later Colonel Loopy Kennard brought his wife out to join him" he gets to the heart of why I find this subject so interesting.

    We were once told that it was very unusual for a soldier to have a his family brought out to him in this way and he must have been "special". To the best of our knowledge he wasn't, his army records state he was a carpenter and an instructor.

    Once again thanks to everyone for your help and I will keep this forum informed of my findings.


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    Over seven years ago I said I would return when I found more information regarding the Bays in Palestine. And now I do.

    The Bays actually never went to Palestine, they infact were spread across the Middle East, as the extract from The Regimental History of 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards by Michael Mann (ISBN: 085955189X) shows:


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