Wiring Diagram for a Field Ambulance 1944

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    I am on the hunt for a wiring diagram for a 1944 Field Ambulance.

    I am keen to know how the Field Ambulance was structured.

    Any RAMC experts out there?


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    I think the details are on the Trux pages? It was still the Field Ambulance (1942), originally issued in Jul/Aug 1942 under II/62/1. I'm sure there were amendments but that will take another order to Canada to track down. From my old notes;

    "Each Infantry Brigade in an Infantry Division and an Armoured Division was supported by its own Field Ambulance. The Field Ambulance consisted of a Headquarters and two Bearer Companies, each of which was divided into three Sections. Each Section could set up a casualty collection post administered by an officer and two nursing orderlies. The Section stretcher-bearers, all RAMC personnel, would then evacuate cases from the RAP back to the collection post, either by stretcher or where possible by motor ambulance. The Headquarters of the Field Ambulance would open up an Advanced Dressing Station (ADS), bringing in casualties from the collection posts by motor ambulance. The ADS would provide initial treatment for fractures and wounds, and prepare casualties for evacuation from the Divisional area and onto the Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) found at Corps and above."


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    You are a top man.

    Thank you.


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