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    I've discovered a good description of WS12Z and DM1 which I don't see referenced anywhere else on this site.
    It confirms that the guns and ammunition for 35th Regt LAA were on the Abbekerk and Sussex. I think the only guns that were on the wrong ship and went to Bombay were those of 6 HAA. It also emphasises how important DM1 was in the fact that 5 merchantmen had an escort of 10 warships as it approached Singapore.
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    Hi Bamboo43,

    Your attached images of the convoy sailings are very interesting. I am trying to get some information on my gandfathers movements - he sailed with WS20 on 21/6/42, and arrived in Bombay 21/10 which must mean that he ended up as part of WS22B. Obviously had some delay on the way, most likely Durban. Do you have any info on either? I'm afraid I don't know his unit information, apart from the fact that he was in RAOC.

    Many thanks,
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    Convoy WS.20
    From: LIVERPOOL Saturday, 20 June 1942.
    To: FREETOWN Thursday, 2 July 1942.

    This convoy was then split from Freetown into 4 different ones:
    Arnold Hague convoy database - misc convoys
    Convoy WS.20A
    From: FORMED AT SEA Saturday, 1 August 1942.
    To: DISPERSED OFF ADEN Thursday, 6 August 1942.

    Convoy WS.20B
    From: FORMED AT SEA Saturday, 1 August 1942.
    To: BOMBAY Sunday, 9 August 1942.

    Convoy WS.20C
    From: CAPETOWN Thursday, 23 July 1942.
    To: SPLIT INTO A & B Saturday, 1 August 1942.

    Convoy WS.20F
    From: FREETOWN Monday, 6 July 1942.
    To: DURBAN Monday, 20 July 1942.

    The only ship I can find on the Hague database arriving in Bombay on 21st Oct 1942 is
    Arnold Hague Ports database
    Mombasa, Oct 13, 1942 WS.22B2 ( - ) Bombay, Oct 21, 1942

    Almanzora - National Maritime Museum

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    Hi Tricky,

    Thank you for the information - this has proved invaluable. The website does indeed confirm the sailing details of the Almanzora being the only candidate. Quite why she sailed via mombasa separately from the main WS22 is another matter.. And what did my grandfather do in his 8 weeks in cape town. He arrived as part of WS20 and somehow became part of WS.22B2.

    As an aside - I appear to have maxed out my searches on convoyweb - anybody know how to get around this?
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    I usually wait a while and it seems to reset, or you can contact the webmaster on the contact email provided

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    Hi Timmo81,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Here are the pages from Winston's Specials for WS20, WS22 to follow shortly:

    313.jpg 314.jpg 315.jpg 316.jpg 317.jpg 318.jpg 319.jpg 320.jpg 321.jpg 322.jpg 323.jpg 324.jpg
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    With ref to post 16 of this thread,
    You might wish to check out The SS. Anting, and SS, Subadar. could be helpful.

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    Thanks Graham. As the events concerning these ships are post the WS12Z convoy I'll take this up in a few days on another thread I started a year ago. Perhaps you and others may then be able to add or correct me on the Anting and Subadar.

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    Here are the pages for WS 22/23 and 24:

    337.jpg 338.jpg 339.jpg 340.jpg 341.jpg 342.jpg 343.jpg 344.jpg 345.jpg 346.jpg 347.jpg 348.jpg
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    Bamboo, TD, thanks very much for the info.

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