Winston Churchill's speeches were overrated and some 'went down badly'

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by dbf, Aug 31, 2013.

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    good day dbf,aug 33, churchills speeches.i have been reeding this post about Winston's speeches.i was a young man during ww2,and to memory.whenever Winston came on air.everybody listened.i never heard an insulting word towards him.and when they voted him out I could not believe they held him in such low esteem.i suppose the people felt safe and no longer needed him.and if you were not there then.give the man some credit for the good thing he accomplished.sooner him than some of the crap that has passed as politition over the years.thank you for posting.regards bernard85
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    History in the general sense has in recent years been shown to be less than 'definitive' in many cases. We hear or read it often - 'what's the best book for..........? Many of those have been consigned to the bin as records have been released or discovered to show a different picture. Some will not accept or find it difficult to accept change (myself included) to a lifetimes belief, especially when it shows a much loved institution to be less than truthful or perfect. Professor Toye found information and published it - had he not would it stop future researches finding the very same?

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