Winston Churchill :Funeral 30th January 1965

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by CL1, Nov 2, 2013.

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    I enjoyed it to, missed the BEA plane Lesley. Some interesting facts though
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    BBC News Channel ?

    We'll have live ceremony coverage @BBCWorld 1245 #GMT MT @BBCArchive: Churchill's political career #BBCChurchill


    edit - currently watching the BBC Parliament channel - now "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".
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    Thanks for that.

    Like yourself am also watching Channel 131, the whole funeral in Black & White.

    Am recording two news channels at the relevant time and hope that one of them will be the right one !

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    Seems mildly strange to me to partially reenact a funeral procession. Though it is interesting how notable the funeral apparently was.
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    Can anyone tell my why the honour guard from the RAF at Churchill's funeral where wearing a Red Cap band, I was a 9 year old Schoolboy and remembered being given the day off to watch on telly.
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    The 2015 news channel item was best watched with the sound down....

    The 1965 news coverage exemplary and a first class social document, the first hour a masterclass in setting the scene in an understated manner.... and then glimpses of Alex and Attlee in process, the voice of Ike as the boat travelled from the Tower to Waterloo and, of course no inane vox pop and no K Burleys, B Browns, D Snows and J Paxmans...

    Couple of other excellent docs this week - the 4 parter presented by Marin Gilbert from the early 1990s and a 30 minute "to the camera" critique by Brian Walden and the Viscount Alanbrooke interview from 1957...
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    I see you say:
    "Seems mildly strange to me to partially reenact a funeral procession. Though it is interesting how notable the funeral apparently was."

    At the risk of being accused of ageism, you had to be of a certain generation to understand how Churchill was regarded by most of the Western World at the time in question.

    My own personal links to him only amplify this for me and if I wallow in unseemly melancholia I trust I will be understood and left to appreciate the coverage being given to this great man.

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    I think I completely understand that, Ron. You won't find me slagging off Churchill or the marking of his passing.
    But I still think it's odd to reenact a funeral procession like the Havengore has; the normal form with such anniversaries being to celebrate something about the person's life.
    Can't immediately think of any other similar form of commemoration.
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    With regard to the Havengore you have a valid and debateable point but to balance that there has been much about Winnie's personal life that I have been watching and recording.

    When I attended the actual funeral my wife stayed home and watched on TV.

    In those days I lacked facilities to record the day's events so much of what I have been watching over the past week is completely new to me !

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    A lot said about the man both here and on other threads but not only a man of his time but the best man of his time - who else who else was there around at the time who would have carried us through those dark days and delivered the freedoms we enjoy today?

    Difficult times bring hard decisions - not always popular and not always in everyone's best interests - but the sign of a great leader is to make those decisions in the interest of the bigger picture and the end game.

    A majority of society today has too much self interest to invest in such self sacrifice - hence the threats we all face from terrorism around the world.

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    This was also what I thought. It is the first time I have come across the commemoration of a funeral How strange is that? Someone in Whitehall must have worked long into the night coming up with that idea? But then in Churchill's life there were lots of things out of the ordinary.
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    Slightly off topic ish, but I thought I'd share

    image.jpg image.jpg
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    Visited the National Railway Museum in York yesterday to see the locomotive Winston Churchill. Some pictures from the visit (apologies for quality of pictures-the locomotive was placed in the Great Hall and the sun was streaming in, plus the train had been restored with shiny gloss paint!)
    (if anyone is interested, the display finishes this Sunday 3 May)

    More here

    National Railway Museum 001.JPG National Railway Museum 003.JPG National Railway Museum 009.JPG National Railway Museum 025.JPG NRM 125.JPG NRM 123.JPG NRM 122.JPG NRM 126.JPG NRM 131.JPG NRM 132.JPG
    NRM 133.JPG National Railway Museum 028.JPG

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    Thanks for sharing Lesley, photos are just great. It's was many years ago that I visited NRMY, maybe now I have more time I should
    put it on my list of places to revisit.

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    DSCF1896.JPG DSCF1895.JPG DSCF1894.JPG

    On a recent visit to Hull University to see a Terence Cuneo exhibition, there was a painting of Sir Winston Churchill lying in state.
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