Winston Churchill :Funeral 30th January 1965

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by CL1, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Many thanks for the video.

    Winnie & I go back a long way............

    He served in my unit and later became their Colonel
    We dined at the same re-union dinner
    I stood vigil outside his house as his life ebbed away
    I stood in Trafalgar Square as his cortege passed by

    I was honoured to have been associated with him

    RIP Winston

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    My mother lived in East London and remembers him touring the area on one occasion during the war when she was young.

    As a child myself living in Dagenham, there was an old soldier in our road who took great pride in telling anyone who'd listen that 'with this hand I shook Winston Churchills.' I don't know where he served but I do remember he'd fly his Union Jack with great pride when the moment was right.

    Where would we have been without the like of Winston Spencer Churchill?
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    Cometh the hour, cometh the man !

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    Could you imagine any British politician of today making a a speech of this calibre, even armed with his own host of speech writers ?

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    Ron - you lost me after politicians today and calibre. However, like the pavement of life we all tread in one on occasion. I know IDS well, or is my memory confusing this with which brassicas I plant.
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    Ron, you obviously have some very powerful memories. In my opinion there hasn't been a man of his calibre involved with leading our nation since.

    - Would have loved to have been amongst the crowds back in 1965. But I was just a child then.

    CL1's second link to the BBC Dimbley coverage:

    Part 3 56 mins 13 secs onwards and Part 4 35 mins 23 secs says it all.
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    Churchill: Jeremy Paxman to host new BBC documentary
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    Vincent Mulchrone of the Daily Mail, writing memorably in 1965 of the thousands who queued to pay a final tribute to Churchill at the lying in state: 'Two rivers run silently through London tonight and one is made of people. Dark and quiet as the night-time Thames itself, it flows through Westminster Hall, eddying about the foot of the rock called Churchill.'
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    Ahhh...the Great Lion Himself.

    Was there ever a better wartime leader? Did Britain ever have a Prime minister that meant so much to so many?

    Was there evr a better wordsmith in the British experience?

    I remember watching a documentary describing Winston sitting at the bottom of his garden at Chartwell in an old fold out deck chair. He had a cold drink in hand, and an old wind up gramaphone. He was listening very appreciatively to "Soldiers of the Queen." Lady Churchill came home at this point, and charged down to Winston's side with a stern look on her face. "Must you play these awful old tunes, Winston? " Winston dropped his drink, flew out of his chair and roared back at top volume, "Im not sure you understand exactly WHAT these "old tunes" mean to us, you know!". He burst into tears.

    An emotional man, Winston was a patriot even in his off hours.

    We will not see the like of him ever again. Modern aristocrats are more concerned with their social position and bank balance than they are about preserving the nation. Winston knew that by serving and preserving the nation, he could maintain his social position and his bank balance. It all went hand in hand.

    He makes every modern politician seem a trifle 'vin ordinaire'!
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    good day cl1.02 churchill funeral30th jan.1965.a great video.a fine tribute to a great man.thank you for posting,may he rest in peace.regards bernard85, :poppy: :poppy:
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    There is plenty to be found on ww2talk regarding the great man.

    On a previous occasion I posted this little item from the the autobiography of George Kennard (Loopy) who was my last OC in the 4th Queen's Own Hussars.(I don't have to remind you that Churchill himself was our Hon.Colonel, as he had previously served in the Regiment)

    I think Loopy's tale is worth re-posting here:

    When Churchill was buried at Bladon the coffin was borne, by his request, by bearers from his own Regiment (The 4th QOH)
    Surrounded by his family, the quiet tranquility of these last rites was suddenly and distinctly broken by a loud tinkle. What the world does not know is that Sir Winston lies there now with Staff Sgt.Webb's Long Service & Good Conduct medal close to his heart. It had fallen off the Staff Sgt's tunic as the coffin was finally lowered into the grave

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    Thanks for the post, I will try and visit the NRM to view the exhibition, recall watching the service on TV back in 65.
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    The Churchill Cabinet War Rooms at London (part of the I.W.M. 'family') features a large part of the T.V. coverage of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral. The museum also provides an appraisal of his life, education. works and career: the good and the not so good!

    I have been a couple of times to this museum, most recently in mid-2014, and it is very popular especially with overseas visitors.

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