Willoughby's Phoney War - 1978 BBC audio drame

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    This was previously on BBC4extra and BBC Iplayer...

    BBC Radio 4 Extra - Willougby's Phoney War

    Willoughby's Phoney War

    Britain's on the brink of a Second World War, but men like subaltern Charles Willoughby are desperate for action.

    The ludicrous frustrations of peacetime are nothing compared to the absurdities of the war itself when it begins in 1939...

    William Fox's wartime drama stars Jeremy Irons as Charles Willougby.

    With Anna Massey as Charity, Madeline Smith as Clarissa, Charles Hodgson as Peregrine, Jeffrey Wickham as Christopher, William Fox as the Commanding Officer, Mary Wimbush as Mona, Manning Wilson as the Sergeant, John Rye as the Adjutant, Rod Beacham as Harris, Kenneth Shanley as the Batman, Peter Wickham as Male Guest, Jonathan Scott as the Company Commander, Malcolm Gerard as OC Ship, Robert Trotter as the NCO and Alvar Lidell as the Newsreader.

    Director: John Tydeman

    First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1978.

    Ps... Sorry about the thread title ;-) - it should have been "audio drama" not "audio drame" :-(
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    BBC Radio 4 Extra - William Fox - Constant Hot Water

    "1943: From King Farouk's Egypt, Charles Willoughby is posted to Italy - and after the peace - is painfully involved in the re-settlement of refugees.

    Chastened by his experiences, he returns to post-war England and a section of society that closes its eyes to any form of change.

    Events that may seem funny on the surface have a different effect upon the thinking man - and ex-actor Willoughby has learnt to think.

    The continuing fortunes and misfortunes of the young subaltern Charles Willoughby - sequel to ‘Willoughby’s Phoney War’ by William Fox.

    Jeremy Irons stars as Charles, with Anna Massey as Charity, Madeline Smith as Clarissa, William Fox as Colonel Busford, Manning Wilson as Benson, James Villiers as James Brady, Charles Gray as Uncle Willie, Rita Giovannini as Claudia, Margaret Ward as the Marquess, Philip Voss as Harold, June Tobin as Belle, Leonard Fenton as Reuben, Robert Trotter as the NCO, Alvar Lidell as the BBC Announcer, Peter Baldwin as the Police Sergeant, John Bull as the Junk Dealer, Gordon Dulieu as Bimbashi and Eva Stuart as the Female Guest.

    Director: John Tydeman.
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