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  1. daveian

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    I am trying to trace a William Trussler (b, 24/4/1906 ?) and his family. I have his marriage and death certificates but cannot obtain his birth certificate. I do however have an army discharge cert,Is it possible based on the following information, for anyone to confirm his true birthdate, birthplace and next of kin

    Army number; 2137234
    Rank; Driver
    JOINED; 9/1/41
    DISCHARGED; 7/10/41
    Reason for discharge;Ceasing to fullfil army physical requirements
    Year of birth; 1904?

    NWD 786053; National Registration Officer 4/10/41
    Commanding Officer Lt Col F Russell
    I can provide data from death end marriage certs. if that would help
  2. RemeDesertRat

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    I would have thought his dob would be on marriage/death certs.?? a quick look at freebmd tell me 3 william trusslers born in 1903 and two in 1905, did he have a middle name and whereabouts do you think he was born?

    Births Dec 1900 (>99%)
    Trussler William John Neath 11a 855
    Births Jun 1903 (>99%)
    TRUSSLER William Harry Kingston 2a 443
    Births Sep 1903 (>99%)
    Trussler William Arthur Guildford 2a 105
    Trussler William John Midhurst 2b 391
    Births Dec 1905 (>99%)
    Trussler William Alfred C Westhampnett 2b 327
    Trussler William Walter Wandsworth 1d 537
    Births Jun 1908 (>99%)
    Trussler William James Frome 5c 386
  3. daveian

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    Thanks for reply (Reme Desert rat)
    Here is further info. According to death cert. he was born 24th April 1906 in London and died 9th Feb 1997 in Morecambe. Acc to marriage cert. he married Alice Hayes 31st Aug 1940 in Lancaster, father George (deceased in 1940). We know quite a bit about his life; occupations sawmill labourer, removal man, circus groom,army career etc but cannot find a birth cert to confirm where and when he was born.; just appeared from nowhere.
    Trying to find some clue about his birth details from his army record is our last desperate thow of the dice.
    He was the father of a friend of mine.
    Thanks for the list of William Trusslers. I think we have ruled them all out for one reason or another; wrong father, date place and he had no middle name as far as we know.However I'll recheck them all.
  4. RemeDesertRat

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    Mmmm. strange........ the date of birth is given on his death cert. but can't find him on any website, ie freebmd - any idea what part of London he was born? Have you contacted any regiry offices in London to see if they have a record of his birth?
  5. daveian

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    His daughter thinks he may have been born in Kingston on Thames which is .
    ,of course, very near London. I see you found one William Trussler born in Kingston but wrong year 1903.

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