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    hello all . Im new to this forum so cannot find where to post my query , but I am also looking for info on my granddad who also served with the Beds and Herts . His name was William Cannon known as Les) he seved in N Africa ( where he received the MM in 1942) . he also seved in Burma and finished the war in the Black Forest . After the ww2 he seved in Palestine . I would love to fill this out as much as I can and would be greatful for any info . I believe he was the RSM
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    You need his service record to start with. My grandad was in the beds and herts, 1st battalion were in Africa 1941 then out to India and Burma. 2nd battalion were in Africa a bit later and ended up in Italy.
    I have the official history of the Beds and Herts ( an un published book) and happy to help in any way.

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    Had a nosy for a William Cannon with the Beds & Herts and with an MM award but came up blank.... but you mentioned he was known as Les.......... have found records for a guy called Leslie William Cannon...... he was with the1st Beds and Herts and was awarded the MM.... wonder if this was him?......... still consider myself a complete novice at this stuff and wary of setting folk off down the wrong path, but am sure others will stick their knowledgeable oars in to help out if the following is nonsense.

    Various records on FMP and FWR:

    Leslie William Cannon
    1st Battalion Beds & Herts
    Service number: 5948930

    Military Medal: Gazette 16/04/1942 at https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/35526/pages/1695, location Middle East
    On casualty list 591 noted as wounded......... date of action 22/05/1941, incident date 15/08/941, location was Abyssinia...archive reference WO 417 / 29

    Only other thing noticed was that there was a Leslie William Cannon who had this same service number 5948930 in 1944/45 noted as being a private in the 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry................ assume this was the same guy as above?......... if so, he was on the following casualty lists on FMP:
    WO 417 / 86 from 1944
    WO 417 / 79 from 1944
    WO 417 / 88 from 1945

    Good luck!
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    I can tell you 100% the service number was a Beds and Herts issue number.

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    UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949
    Name: L Cannon
    Service Date: 1936-1939
    Service Place: Palestine
    Campaign or Service: Palestine
    Regiment or Unit Name: 1st Battalion The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
    Regimental Number: 5948930

    He is shown on here as A/Sgt

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    Interestingly enough my grandad is on that list! Albert Breen 5948546!
    Line through his name with another reference? Are you able to tell me what that is?
    I know he was attached to the Middle East Weapons School for 6 months in 1940 so perhaps that it?

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    on the right hand side of the page on the line of his name it states "See Fo 6" - I have no idea what that means, perhaps someone at the Regimental Museum/Archives could help.

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    I'm guessing field order number 6?
    My hunch is the posting to the weapons school.
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    For £3.50 its yours



    thank you gentlemen for all the infomation , its all very interesting . The personal no 5948930 is indeed my grandad . I have applied now for his service record , and will let you all know when this arrives . There are 2 things mentioned here that i find really intriging . first is that he seems to have also seved with the 5th DCLI after 1944 and also the he served with the no3 operational centre in abyssinia . The latter of the two no3 ops centre , i am having problems trying to find out about , so if anybody know anything about this please let me know . Ive been in contact with the Regimental museum in Luton , and they confirmed his sevice no and that he was indeed awarded the mm in 1942 . So im planning to go visit there in the near future .


    Hi Alex its Craig , ive been told he was attached to the no3 operations centre in abyssinia . Seems our grandads served together at some time .
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    Yes they shared the same dirt 100%! I haven't looked through my beds and Herts stuff yet to see if it mentions your g'dad.
    Where in the UK are you by the way?


    Hello Alex
    been rushed so have just been able to reply . I am actually in Hertfordshire Watford ,
    I may have found out something about the Abyssinia mentioned in his records . Apparently he was part of mission101 , where he was attached to no3 operations centre (beds and herts) there were only 5 members
    It was something to do with trying to reinstate the Emperor of Ethiopia back to the throne using tribesmen . Under the umbrella of Gideon Force (WINGATE) .
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    Hi Craig.
    Great stuff, I've never seen anything like that mentioned so good find. What were the dates of that operation / attachment?
    Do you have any photos of your grandad from the war at all?
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    unfortunately I have no photos from his military service . He was very reserved about ww2 , and wouldnt speak about it , apart from some amusing stories , like once when they came under artillery fire , and at the end of it he ordered everyone to get up , but they wouldnt . It appeared they were in a fig orchard , and everyone was gourging themselves on the windfalls .
    My information on mission 101 comes from the same source as posted by bamboo 43 above . Its quite hard to narrow down the timeline , but it seems it was from mid 1940 , and lasted approx 1 year .
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    Hi Craig.
    Have you received your Grandads service records yet?

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