William Albert Bibby, Lancashire Fusiliers. WW1

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    THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH, and all who yes, selflessly helped unravel the story of my grandfathers army days. Yes I see that some stories get invented over the years but does not detract in any way from his service, and my pride in him. The wonderful thing was that you all gave me, not only his war service, but a glimpse into the man he was. My mother said he was a tall strapping man, he may have seemed that to her, but he was in fact by the records you found , 5'6and three quarters! You all provided me with addresses he had lived at by way of the records you found, and a very strange coincidence has occurred, I will explain. Yesterday I went on the laptop to look at hotmails and whether I had had any new threads, not only did I find all the threads that have been , with all the wonderful information and documents, I also found an email from a lady who has been doing her family tree and has found she had a d.n.a. link to me. She had sent two large attachments, that showed the BIBBY line and William Albert was there within it. She wanted me to fill in if I could any errors or more info. Because of ALL OF YOU, I was able to say where he had lived, the family he had, dates of his marriage and his army service. She is delighted, and is a cousin and lives down south, and we now have a link and a friendship to develop that we didn't have before. THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE OF ALL YOUR KINDNESSES. THANK YOU. If ever I can do anything for any of you in any way, do not hesitate, I can offer poetry for any cause, charity or personal, anytime . Thank you again. best wishes to all. jan1xxx
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    The reason why we do this.... that's all the satisfaction we need.
    He's no longer just a name, but hopefully has come back to as near life for you as possible.
    Now you'll probably find the Milroy connection!!

    Just to say "Glad we could help" :)
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