Will age ever weary the subject?

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by von Poop, Jul 5, 2009.

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    I am familiar with the needless complexity of academic writing. They write in this intentionally obtuse way because peer review is ultimately the goal of the exercise. I also appreciate the use of jargon although the Humanities shouldn't have the same degree as the pure sciences. In this article, however, the opaque style is insufficient in masking the flawed thinking and condescending arrogance of the authors.
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    But will age ever weary the subject?
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    Yes, it inevitably will but not in the near future and I'm not prepared to make a longer term prediction. As someone previously noted, the sale of books and the number of people signing up for battlefield tours offer a means to quantify that interest.

    That all assumes that the 'subject' remains unchanged. If the likes of Kidd & Sayner have their way, you may no longer recognize it or certain aspects will be out of bounds.

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” - George Orwell
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    The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) honours the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First and Second World Wars, and ensures they will never be forgotten.
    About Us
    To preserve and maintain the cemeteries and memorials for the public in perpetuity

    Looking at the above one assumes that WW1 and WW2 will continue as historical periods for many many years to come.
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    I find that the younger generations in general have little knowledge and are disinterested. There are and will be exceptions.

    Age will weary the subject, especially if there is another non-nuclear but still cataclysmic global conflict to talk about or we have a world v’s alien conflict (I like to think there aren’t any aliens, but can we be certain...?).
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    My own theory is that the memory stays (very) much alive while there is direct contact (say to Grandparents stage) with the conflict or to, say, a hundred or so years. After that there is no-one to talk to and books and films simply can't make the proper substitution. This implies that WW2 'memory' still has some time to go - another 30 years or so.

    WW2 is also a difficult one with respect - or lack of respect if you get an alternative drift - to Normandy: the place is in great danger of becoming a glorified theme park occupied by (largely American-dressed) re-enactors. There are proper lessons to be learnt there - and many other WW2 locations - and I just hope that the touristic/theme park element doesn't cloud the true significance of that place(s).
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    There appears to be a constant flow of new WW2 memorials being campaigned for, unveiled, or fundraised of late.
    I sometimes think too many.

    Would never dream of decrying the genuine motives behind many such projects, & am fully behind the filling of 'official' gaps represented by things like the Bomber Command one, but I do wonder how long the bronze & granite can keep being pumped out.

    I seem to see more & more WW1 chaps getting exercised about battlefields being smothered by memorial projects, from buildings to that now legendary 'garden centre discount bin' animal one at Pozières.

    I love the wide range of memorials around Pompey, and always like that around every corner in London there's memorials to obscure sons (& daughters) of empire, but the character is diverse. Centuries of events rather than a concentration relating to one particular conflict.
    Is there a limit? Or danger of dilution?
    I really don't know.
    Just sometimes wonder.
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    Maintain the ones we have .Which based on my travels we struggle to do.

    As you suggest there are many types of memorials covering the centuries around the UK and they are is situ so job done

    We allude to the Normandy memorial being driven by a national newspaper. People not particularly interested by WW2 will see this as a good deal possibly not realising that all the deaths are commemorated by CWGC and their names are Remembered.
    You will end up with a memorial for every single battle of WW2.
    All over the world there are still people who offer Remembrance in some form or other for past conflicts including WW2.

    Remembrance is what we need,this is done nationally each year and will continue and it does not always require a granite plinth.

    My thread below Already shows the issues looking after or choosing the correct site for a memorial.
    World War 1 Victoria Cross Paving Stones, location observation.
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    We probably underestimate our good work on this forum in helping family enquiries into WW2 relatives and their service. They may only be dipping their toes into the history of the war, but some stay involved afterwards and at the very least they leave with a greater understanding of events and hopefully this remains with them moving forward.
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    When I first joined this forum it seemed, to me anyway, that the vast majority were interested in the exploits of their parents, and that seemed to be the case for some time. I then started to notice that folks were joining looking to research the service of grandfathers.

    Has anyone noticed that it now seems to have moved on again and people are now talking about great grand parents - are they trying to tell us something!!!

    ps. to answer the post title, I hope not

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