Who would do such a thing?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by SteveDee, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Me too Steve. They'd rob their own mothers, the bastards.
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    Rest In Peace Peter Gouldstone.

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    look at the Metropolitan Police twitter feed and you will see why and how this happens every single day in London ( I assume elsewhere too) and when the police try to robustly combat the filth the usual suspects shoot them down.

    there is a 10k reward to find them sadly we are not in the wild west otherwise it would read dead or alive

    Metropolitan Police on Twitter
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    Sadly, Clive is right. I read this article today, and next to it on the BBC website was a terrible CCTV video of a very violent mugging in Newham.
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    The fact that he served in the second war seems irrelevant to me. He was vulnerable and elderly and should have been able to live out his years in a society that protected him.

    Personally, I would hand down 30 years for a first offence of burglary and life (meaning life) for any robbery with violence.
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    Unfortunately, this happens not only in large towns, but also near by villages where I live in Germany.
    We had a case where a woman looking after an a very old woman, let her brother and a friend inside the house and
    "accidentally" killed the old lady for little cash, but gold, silver and precious stones.
    There too many greedy people around who do not mind killing for even 100€.
    Rest in peace Peter.

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    I agree, anything that directly affects a victim, such as burglary of their home or mugging, should be looked upon as a extremely serious crime that could and often does destroy their confidence going forward.
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    Im afraid as stated before all the huff and puff we put out is irrelevant and nothing will change.
    The sentencing system for all crimes is not fit for purpose. Most of the judges are totally removed from the real world living in their shire mansions.

    So far 127 dead (possibly another one tonight who was stabbed) this year in London

    The Met use tactics to stop moped crime as it is being carried out and are accused of a being above their power and creating a police state.
    " In October 2017 we had 742 moped enabled theft snatches in #Camden alone. Since then, largely due to brave officers pursuing & knocking these brazen offenders off their stolen mopeds. We had just 72 offences in October 2018. That is a reduction of 90%! Thanks to all involved."

    The Met suggest using armed officers in the gang affected areas ( most of the London boroughs if the truth is known) as a visible deterrent and again are advised its a bad idea.
    Stop and search is slated but when intelligence led it is a great tool.

    However most of the violent and petty crime isn't committed (in London) because youth clubs closed or the knitting circle has gone up the pictures its caused by drugs and gangs plus imported criminality.Young kids can earn hundreds of pounds a day running wraps so what are they going to choose dunking a basketball or earning a monkey.With lack of parenting/guidance and the poor me poor me syndrome it will continue as is.

    One youth found with a machete and a flick knife plus 20 wraps of drugs has been given a 2 year criminal behaviour order banning him from 2 London Boroughs.This was from a Crown Court case whoopee do.

    So you see its not going to be fixed anytime soon.

    Can you imagine if the tactics used in Paris this weekend were used in London oh my days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As I suggested look at the real time twitter feeds of the old bill it will horrify you.

    Anyway I am going masonic.
    Off to have a cup of tea and a sit down

    "Evening All"
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