Who were the Artillery commanders of for the Polish Armoured Division

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    Who was
    The Commander Artillery for the Polish Armoured Division in Normandy 1944
    Commanding Officer for 1st and 2nd Polish Artillery regiments?
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    1st Armoured Division (Poland) - Wikipedia

    Organization during 1944–45
    1st Armoured Division - General Stanisław Maczek - comprising:-

    Divisional Artillery (Artyleria dywizyjna) - Col. B. Noel
    1st Motorized Artillery Regiment (1 pułk artylerii motorowej) - Lt.Col. J. Krautwald de Annau
    2nd Motorized Artillery Regiment (2 pułk artylerii motorowej) - Lt.Col. K. Maresch

    Would be useful if someone else can confirm or deny as I have little confidence this is right or wrong


    There may be more here but I havent read the whole document
    Memorial Montormel - 1-sza Polska Dywizja Pancerna
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    Thank you
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    Confirmed, from
    Noel (also Noël), Bronisław ("płk." or "pułkownik" - Colonel)
    Krautwald, Józef (no mention of "de Annau" throughout the well indexed 600 pages, but addressing him as "płk." or "pułkownik" which is the equivalent of Colonel)
    Maresch, Karol ("ppłk." or "podpułkownik" - Lt.-Col.)
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