Who was the worst of the SS?

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    nutjob site.


    Thanks Tom, missed that.
    Links removed to distasteful site, if anyone really wants to see that page there's enough info here to find it. I don't recommend it though.
    (And don't worry Annie, I'm sure it was an innocent mistake.)

  2. I apologise ! ....

    I posted it - because it talked about her hanging which I hadn't seen before ! I'm afraid I didn't go into the rest of the site !

    Again I'm sorry !

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    No worries, Annie. There are a lot of Nazi apologetic/denial sites out there masquerading as "infomation" sources.

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    Heydrich comes to mind when one thinks of someone who would constitute the definition of "worst Nazi". One wonders what he may have accomplished in brutality had he not been assasinated.

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    "Worst" , it colours the arguement - was the man who sat behind a desk , signing the orders and forumlating vague orders and directives from the Fuhrer into policy any better beacuse he didn't actually do the killing himself ?
    Himmler , Heydrich , the heads of the "Special actions Groups" - all educated men they directed others lower down to do the dirty work.

    Odilo Globocnik -An introduction to a man who had sold his soul.

    Odilo Globocnik

    As far as I am aware he had his hands in "T4" prior to the war and when charged with killing the "unproductive" Jews in Lublin / Reinhard camps he accepted the then experienced but "unemployed" killers from "T4" and even asked fopr more to be assigned to him.

    He took his own life in 1945 when cornered by the advancing Allies , a truely disgusting creature.

    In another thread which linked to a site called "Jewish History" some times from the Holocaust are offerred for sale - apart from having no interest in owning anything related to the Holocaust - on point of principle I would deem it improper to pay cash for anything to do with genocide.
    It would be like contributing to allowing someone years after the event to profit again from it , just not something I would feel comfortable with.
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    James S

    I remember writing about this before as below:

    The internet is truly a wondrous affair and one of its major joys is when one stumbles across an item to do with research long since forgotten.
    On the BBC WW2 website, I’d written a fair piece about my experiences in Austria at the closing stages of the war and the small part that my Regiment, the 4th QOH had played in rounding up German war criminals. BBC - WW2 People's War - Life in Wartime Austria: 4th Queen's Own Hussars July to August 1945
    Yesterday I was browsing the internet, came across a story on a website called ISTRIANET.ORG and it had a large piece on Globocnik.
    Who was Globocnik, I hear you ask?…. I hasten to explain.
    Globocnik was a particularly nasty piece of work, one time Gauleiter of Austria and when the war finished in Austria in May 1945 he was on the Allied list of ex SS who were to be detained on sight. One of the reasons for his notoriety was that he was known to have buried SS Gold to avoid its discovery.
    The article on the ISTRIANET site goes as follows:
    Different stories of Globocniks' capture and subsequent death have emerged. The one most commonly cited is that Globocnik committed suicide at about 11:30 a.m. the same day outside the small prison, 100 m west of the castle in Paternion. His body was photographed, together with his three comrades [pictured right], then said to be quickly buried and "confirmed" by poorly faked photographs of his body.
    A November 1996 report by Erwin H. Lerner describes the capture by the 4th Queen's Own Hussars of the 56th ("London") Division of Globocnik in Austria. The 4th Hussars were stationed in Italy as part of XIII Corps, commanded by Lt. Gen. Sir John Harding. They had no business in Austria, but were apparently working with the 78th Division and a Field Security Service unit based in Villach. Their target was not even Globocnik, but the Gauleiter of Carinthia, Dr. Friedrich Rainer.
    The fact that British units from Italy were involved in the capture of Globocnik may have led Michael Elkins and others to conclude that the men in British uniforms were avengers from the Jewish Brigade Group. Howard Blum has even written a whole book about it, but, to his credit he did not attribute Globocnik's death to these Jewish avengers.
    Lerner wrote of the capture:
    "Globocnik posing as an engineer in hiding from Partisans told a very plausible story, and had clearly thought out his cover very carefully. The whole party was marched off ... and taken to the HQ 4 Hussars in Paternion.
    "Globocnik was left by himself for some time. He had not up to this time been challenged with his true identity. He betrayed himself by half answering a summons shouted in his real name, and was thereupon told that we knew who he was. Still professing innocence he was marched away, but he had gone only some 150 yards when he collapsed and quietly died from hydrocyanic poisoning. It is almost certain that the glass ampoule was under his tongue from the time of his early morning, arrest as all prisoners were searched for poison, and one ampoule discovered on SS Sturmbannfuhrer Lerfh.
    "Rainer later confirmed that the dead man was in fact Globocnik. "At 1230 hours all the prisoners were handed over to Provost Office, 78 Division for disposal through 88 FSS."
    In yet another story, it is said that Globocnik swapped some of his gold and jewels

    I now give the relevant excerpt from the Regimental Diaries of the 4th QOH for 31/5/1945

    0430 – The party (4th Hussars) arrived at the hut.
    0500 – Hut surrounded.
    0510 – The door at the front was opened by Major Ramsey who had entered through a loft window. The door at the back was forced by Major Quarmby and Lt Hedley. Four men were found in the front of the house. Interrogation began at once and all men except the Gauleiter and SS Sturmbannfuhrer Lerch denied any knowledge of the SS. The women were allowed to remain in the hut, but arrangements are in hand (1430 hours) to arrest them. Dr Rainer, Lerch, three unidentified suspects and a fourth man who gave references in KLAGENFURT were brought down to the prison at PATERNION.
    0715 – Schutz re-arrested on accusation of Kummerer.
    1130 – The man suspected of being Glovocnik was trapped into acknowledging his name by a slight movement of his head when Major Ramsey shouted his name across the courtyard. He was ordered into arrest and poisoned himself with Prussic acid while walking the 150 yards between the Castle yard and the prison. Capt MM Leigh RAMC attempted to revive him but was unsuccessful. It was considered that he had had this poison concealed in his mouth from the moment in which the first alarm was raised at the hut as he consistently refused all form of refreshment. Three suspects on viewing the body confessed their identities as:-Sturmbannfuhrer der SS Michaelson,SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hoffle,Oberscharfuhrer Karl Hellesberger SS in TRIESTE.
    1245 – all eight prisoners were removed by Capt Willett, leaving only Schutz in detention and under further investigation.

    Wikipedia gives both versions of his ultimate death:
    Odilo Globocnik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    A very informative post.

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    Thank you Ron , Heydrich and Globocnik are two whom I would declare an interest in , Heydrich did not as far as I know display the dishonesty in terms of lining his own pockets that Odilo displayed.
    Evil men and in the case of Heydrich - that ability to be driven by his own distorted values and yet be a good father to his children.
    In Hitler's view he was the ideal "national Socialist" , Lena his wife was utterly devoted to him and to "the party".
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    It's me again.

    See below a couple of pics that were posted to me while I was researching Globocnik.

    Although they are on my computer, I simply can't remember who sent them to me so I cant give the correct accreditation.

    Perhaps someone will recognise them and let me know the origin of the pics?


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    Ron I had seen the one on the left before but not the other one.
    I am tempted to reflect on Himmler's Posen speech in which he claimed that they had acted with honour and had "kept nothing for themselves" - when he knew men like Hoess and Globocnik had been stealing and were as corrupt as the day was long.
    "Globo" would almost certainly have been hanged and quite rightly so.

    Mark Yerger gives a quite lengthy and detailked biography of Globocnik in his book on "Holders of the German Cross in Silver SS and Police"( R.J. Bender).
    I note that the bast**d also was awarded the German Cross in Gold . (7/2/45)
    He was awared his Cross in Silver on 20/1/45 , what did he get them for , theft and murder.

    Other awards the creature recieved.
    Iron Cros Second Class November 1940.
    War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords.
    War Merit Cross 1st Class with Swords.
    Gold Party Badge.
    Anti-Partisan badge in Silver. September 17 1944.
    Golden Hitler Youth Award May 15 1944.

    He was made Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant der Polizei on 9/11/42.

    Some notes from Mark Yerger's biographical account of this individual.
    He joined the Austrian Nazi Party in 1922 , working for them in Carinthia , he joined the NSDAP in January 1931, and was head of propaganda in the diustrict until 1933 , he was Deputy Gauliter in the region but lost his job because of his political activity.
    In 1935 he was arrested for murdering a Jew and served one year in prison ( Which I am sure was not made too uncomfortable for him).
    After his release he was a liasone officer between the Austrian Nazi Party and the NSDAP.
    After the Anschluss he was assigned to the State Secretary from mid 1938- July 1943.
    Fom May 1938- Jan 1939 he was Gauliter for Vienna but was dismissed for engaging in foreign currency speculation for his own benefit.
    He joined the SS in Sept. 1932, he was elected to the Reichstag in 1938 , representing Vienna until the end of the war.
    Globocnik was sent to Poland in November 1939 as SS und Polizeifuhrer "Lublin" his measures were extreme. He reported directly to Himmler and to the Police leader Frederich-Wilhelm Kruger.
    Himmler gave the responsibility for Operation Reinhard to Globocnik who set up some of the major killing centres Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec all within his area of control , Yerger notes that Globocnik caused problems with other SS agencies who wanted slave labour - he just wanted to kill.
    Christoper Browning in his book "The Origins of The Final Solution" documents Globocnick's acceptance off and requets for additional "T4" people to bew assigned to his command at Lublin , before this they had been kicking their heels in Berlin - he gave them "work" to do and exploited their "skills".
    What you see is the personality of a psychopath given free reign , he could do what he wanted when he wanted and to whomever he wanted , he was above the law , such as it was. ( My note).

    He was a manger in East Industries which supplied goods to the SS - his workforce was Jewish slave labour and he milked profits for himself and his subordinates , his corruption led again to his being dismissed.
    Himmler promoted him making him the senior SS Police leader in the Adriatic Coast from Sept. 43 until the end of the war.
    He got the DK in Silver for his active anti-Partisan actions - for murder to call a spade a spade.
    By any standards he was a dishonest and cruel individual , a thief and a murderer.



    The photos are from Mark Yergers "Allgemeine SS" (Schiffer Mil. History.) and his "German Cross in Silver -Holders of the SS and Police". ( Rodger Bender)

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