Who knows this Polar Bear soldier of the 49th Infantry Division?

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    In 2009 I started with my father organizing rememberances any year of the victims of the flying bomb (V1) attack on the 18th of Februar 1945 in the city of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). We realised a monument in 2010 and made a small book with stories of the people who survived. See this link. V1-Waterkwartier

    For six years my father died (he was born in 1930) en since that time I continued the rememberances, last year with a committee. Also in the last six months I connected with several new citizens and new stories where told. And I did some investigation to the place the flying bomb was coming from.

    In many stories they told me that English military soldiers where living in the houses of the dutch inhabitans in the neighbourhood of the place where the flying bomb came down. That was logical, because the city of Nijmegen was at the boarder of Germany and it was the end of the zone which became free through the allied army's. Daily there where attacks of the germans on Dutch places, where the allied forces where fighting for our freedom.

    Last week I became a photo from a British soldier. On these photo.I can see that he must be a member of the 49th infantry division of the Polar Bears. His first name should be Thjou, Shaw of Sjou. See also the photo by this message. This soldier lived in 1945 in the house of the family Van Leyen in the Rijnstreet. What I know is that he was a maker of shoes and in 1945 he was 28 years old, also from 1916 or 1917. There was also a cook, called Phil probably from the same regiment in this house in Nijmegen. They survived the flying bom attack and helped the Dutch family with cleaning up the house.

    I am very interested in any information about him. Maybe you know more about him or his family, which can give me some more information. I would be very grateful to you if you can give me some details about his life and his military work in the Netherlands and somewhere else. And if you can do any survey to his family. I am busy to realise a new version of the book and I want to bring up many new stories in it.

    Other names of British soldiers I know they where living there are Sid Slade, Fred Hotkins (could be Hopkins) and Johnny Scoogle. If you have any information about them I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks for your helping me with more information. Im looking forward to some reactions.

    Kind Regards!

    Foto Thjou.jpg
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    Below the 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division insignia is the Sphinx insignia of the 56th Infantry Brigade.
    Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 19.50.33.png
    Three possible Regiments :
    2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers
    2nd Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment
    2nd Battalion Essex Regiment

    Serving with the 2nd Battalion Essex Regiment?
    The war diary would confirm if the Battalion was billeted there in 1945?
    Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 20.02.20.png
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    Agree looks like a regimental flash in a dark colour (Essex Regiment = purple) below the brigade stripe (red). 2nd Battalion Essex Regiment, 56 Bde, 49th Div.
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    Guy Hudson and Giberville, thank you very much for your reactions. I'm still searching for more information about this young men (in 1945). Therefore I've sent several organizations in Great Brittain a request for information!

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