Who knows this man of the Princess Irene Brigade?

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  1. fredvogels

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    A special request reached Back to Normandy.

    For a very special reason I am looking for the name of this soldier. Only his first name is known: Piet.
    Early spring 1944 the PIB moved to Frinton-on-Sea and Dovercourt Bay and stayed there in abandoned seaside resorts.
    Somewhere before 11-march-'44 a part of the PIB went to Norfolk. In one of the memories of the PIB by Hans de Leeuw (member of the PIB), he tells that some of the PIB members were sent to Norfolk for an assault and leadership (commando training) course. From other sources I believe that this training was given in Narford Camp.
    It is almost certain that this man was here.
    If you have any information about his name or clues that can lead to the solution of this mistery, please write to info@backtonormandy.org
  2. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    If you go to the website of the Prinses Irene Brigade, there is a contact link at the bottom of the home page. If anyone can help you, I imagine it would be them.

  3. fredvogels

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    Of course that was the most obvious thing to do and I did. Thanks Ramacal showing involved.
    I had a nice contact with the PIB. Not with the result I hoped but with the result I expected. It is a very interesting story which I like to tell you when the investigation is finished.
  4. fredvogels

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    For me this topic is not closed. I am still looking for a PIB member with the first name "Pieter" who was in England, Norfolk in the spring of 1944.
  5. fredvogels

    fredvogels Back to Normandy

    A small selection of the PIB followed a course "assault training", something like a "commando training in 21 days". Pieter was present here. What is his last name?
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    I've contacted fv.
  7. fredvogels

    fredvogels Back to Normandy

    Sometimes things will be solved in the afterlife. What ever that may be.

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