Who fought the Desert War

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    My reply is for jon s interesting info thanks
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    Jons -
    you may be perfectly correct in saying that 7th AB was in Burma and that 4AB landed at Overlord but you forgot to mention that 4AB played a supporting role to 78th Battleaxe Div as much of that Division landed at Bari ( Italy) before going on to capture the Airfields at Foggia(sep '43) - with Scots Greys -3rd CLY - and 44th RTR - and that 7AB played a prominent role in supporting both 46th and 56th at Croce and Gemmano also at the Gothic Line - again in Italy with 2nd - 6th and 8th RTR- whilst 23rd AB with 40th - 46th and 50th RTR -also stayed in Italy so it was the 22ndAB which went back to the UK after Naples with 7th AD- also in Italy was the 9th AB along with the 21st and 25th TB's.

    4 AB departed Italy 27 Jan 44. 7 AB arrived in Italy 4 May 44.

    7 AB's work in Burma was outstanding under very difficult conditions. It probably made them the most distinguished UK armd bde of WW2, those in NA, Italy and NWE had it easy compared to 7 AB in Burma.

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